The Threat Of Many

I don't own BBC'S Sherlock. A sort of sequel to my first Sherlock fanfic Revenge, But if you haven't read it, it should still make some sense. Moriarty has finally been jailed.. The end of him? Wrong. Nothing has made his underground followers so determined to help him. They want him out. Now. A gang poses a threat to London. Sherlock and John really do have their hands full..


1. Chapter one

Chapter one


Two weeks had passed since Moriarty had been jailed again. Sherlock holmes once again found himself pacing around the small living space of 221B baker street in attempt to make his mind busy. Ever since Moriarty had been jailed, Sherlock had been finding it harder for any real cases to come in now the main threat to London was gone, Hopefully for good. John noticed Sherlock had been slightly less tense and he knew it was because he no longer had to worry about a maniac coming after him. John had also noticed that Sherlock had been quieter ever since they got him back from Moriartys hands, And this seriously concerned John. Sherlock was never one for small talk but he had said hardly anything, apart from when their first client since Moriarty came in..


One week ago...


"Sherlock, We have a client! Sherlock?" John shouted through Sherlock's door whilst banging his knuckles against the door. John turned around and smiled sheepishly at Martha Lane, Their next client. She was taller than John, but not quite Sherlock's height, She had long brown hair and wore a red shirt with tight jeans which showed off her toned legs. She smiled back before awkwardly picking a thread off her shirt and swaying on the balls of her foot. "If this is a inconvenience. ?" She said with hesitation in her thick London accent as another moment of pure silence passed through the apartment. "No don't be silly. Sit down make your self at home. We will be with you in a minute." John said, watching Martha nod her head and move awkwardly to the sofa positioned next to the door. John turned back around and proceded to bang on Sherlock's door. It took another minute before John heard rustling in Sherlock's room and moved back so he would have room, But not enough room to get put of Johns way without speaking to him first. The door slowly opened to reveal Sherlock with slightly messier hair staring back with tired eyes. "What do you want John?" Sherlock snapped angrily at the older man. "A new case has come in." John stated matter of factly and watched as any signs of Sherlock being tired dissapeared at the mention of a case. "Wonderful!" Sherlock beemed in his own way and pushed past John making him sigh, Sherlock could be so blind towards John's concern sometimes. By the time John had got back to the living room Sherlock had already made deductions, Judging by his hard stare and posture. *married. Three children. Unhappy in marriage. Cheating. Thinking about divorce. Poor. Employed as a receptionist. * "Mr Holmes I need your help. Everyday I leave my bag in my office where I work and something always goes missing when I next go in there. I think im being followed or something. " Martha said looking between Sherlock then John and back to Sherlock again. All that could be heard was johns pen writing across his notepad making notes for future refrence. "No need to continue writing John I have it all figured out!" Sherlock exclaimed whilst putting his hands under his chin. Sherlock did not wait for john as he started to share with John his findings. "Clearly you are confused as to where your bellongings are dissapearing to correct? Have you thought about the possibiltiy that it is your, Boss. I don't even know your name like John but i can see clear as day that it was a waste of your time. Its your boss who also doubles as your boyfriend even though I can quite clearly see a ring on your finger. Oh dont look so shocked Mrs I can see grey hairs on your shirt which are from him, Too thick to be a animals hair and judging by your hair you dont get much time out of work so you couldn't have a animal. Your unhappy in your marriage as your shoulders are hunched over showing clear signs of stress and the fact that you subconsciously keep pulling off your ring on and off, Exposing the very shiny inside meaning that you take it off often enough that your finger cleans the inside the more you take it off. Also as you have dirtier shoes on it shows that you have enough money to buy things but not enough to replace them so you like the richer men dont you? Your husband has stopped being so generous so now you have moved on to your boss as he can provide for your needs. So ask your thief of a boyfriend. Case closed. Goodbye. " sherlock finished with a roll of the eyes and sunk deeper in his seat, eyes closing. Martha looked shocked and dragged her eyes from Sherlock to John. "I... I will just go then yeah?" Martha stammered. "That would probably be best. Im sorry about your husband and I hope you and your boyfriend are happy and um.. See you?" John muttered before watching Martha leave quicker than he thought she would, closing the door behind her. John waited before he heard the main door close before spinning to Sherlock. "Why? That was the first case since Moriarty and you go and show off and scare her away! Fair enough you solved it but you could of at least waited before you accused her boyfriend a thief and her husband to be making her unhappy! You shouldn't say thing's like that, Sherlock!" John shouted angrily. Sherlock opened his eyes and studied Johns face before speaking again. "Maybes she shouldn't be boring and so obvious. We need a real case not the mystery of the lost hand bag contents. Seriously John, When have I ever Showed off?" Sherlock snarled, Looking John right in the eyes. "Seriously? You show off every day! Just yesterday you told Mrs Hudson what she watched on the telly last night just because you could! You know that I find it amazing that you can work all this out from one glance but you don't always have to do it!" John said, Dumbfounded by sherlocks words. Sherlock simply sighed and went back to his mind palace, Making John shake his head at Sherlock's stupidity sometimes.

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