Heart Of Ice

(Jelsa Fanfic) During her last year of high school Elsa meets the new boy, Jack. Jack isn't like anyone else Elsa knows. He has tattoos and piercings and doesn't care about sports and popularity. He's a rebel to the school system. And with promises of helping Elsa overcome her anger issues, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him.


3. Someone Different

Elsa POV
After class I hang back to watch the new boy. He pulls his hood over his white hair and swings his backpack over his shoulders. As he does so I notice a snake head peep out of the bottom of his sleeve. I can't help but stare at it. The only people at this school with tattoos are the freaks, the ones who smoke in the parking lot, do drugs during break and get drunk every weekend. I wonder if he is one of them. He shoves his hands in his pockets and walks out of class with a small smile just visible. He begins to walk to the East side of the school and I follow him for five minutes before I realise my next lesson is art... in the West. I stand in the corridor for a moment, looking between the boy and the corridor I have just come down. The boy turns round a corner and I begin to jog to the other side of the school. I will regret this later, I just know it.


"...So we decided to go watch the kiddie film instead and it was actually really cute!" Chelsea concludes. I slam my locker door closed. Why can't she realise that when it comes to her love life I just don't care. Jane struggles not to laugh but fails. "Hey look there's that new boy! Have you met him yet? He seems quite strange." Harriet distracts us. I look to where she is pointing and sure enough the intriguing new boy is stood there, hood up and hands in pockets as he was when I last saw him. "Strange is an understatement! He doesn't talk much, he just stands there staring at people. You would think he lived his life being invisible!" Michael says. Chelsea giggles and goes to hug him but I get to him first. I punch him in the face and then begin to hit everywhere I can. People yell all around me but I don't hear their words. I just keep hitting. I feel cool hands pulling me back and suddenly I'm crying into the shoulder of someone. They lead me away from the angry shouts and people trying to grab me. I sit down on the floor and sob into my hands, knowing that there is no way I can take back what I did. "It's ok, trust me." a soft voice whispers in my ear. I look up and find myself face to face with the new boy. "But it isn't. I have anger issues, I couldn't stop it if I tried. I will have to leave school, separate myself from all other people until I learn to control it." I say as I stand up and begin to pace around the dark classroom. Plans formulate in my head. "But I can help you!" he says. I spin around and look into his eyes. "You can?" He nods. "I used to suffer from really bad anger but I overcame it and started a new life here. I can help you overcome it too" he says. He smiles at me. I smile back.

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