Heart Of Ice

(Jelsa Fanfic) During her last year of high school Elsa meets the new boy, Jack. Jack isn't like anyone else Elsa knows. He has tattoos and piercings and doesn't care about sports and popularity. He's a rebel to the school system. And with promises of helping Elsa overcome her anger issues, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him.


10. Let Me In

Jack POV

I knock on the door nervously. Anna opens the door and allows me in with a sad smile. "Elsa's room is the second on the right," she tells me. "Please get her to come out, I'm really worried about her." She says. I walk up the stairs and find the right door. "Elsa?" I call through the door. No answer. I knock on the door. Still no answer. "Elsa please I know you're in there. People are asking where you've been. School is boring without you." I whisper, leaning my head against the door. The door creeps open slightly and I slip inside. I hear a loud crunching under my feet and feel the walls for the light switch. I finally find it and blink rapidly in the sudden bright light. I look down and see that the floor is covered in smashed pot and glass. "Why did you come here?" Elsa asks in a croaky voice. She is huddled on the floor next to door. I can see the small scratches on her hands and feet. "Because I missed you at school." I tell her. I pull her up and help her over to her bed. "What happened?" I ask her. And she tells me about how her parents died after drink driving because of an argument.

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