Heart Of Ice

(Jelsa Fanfic) During her last year of high school Elsa meets the new boy, Jack. Jack isn't like anyone else Elsa knows. He has tattoos and piercings and doesn't care about sports and popularity. He's a rebel to the school system. And with promises of helping Elsa overcome her anger issues, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him.


8. Home Problems

Elsa POV

I step through the red door and the happy bubbly feeling inside instantly evaporates. My mother and father are arguing again. I sigh and walk into Anna's bedroom. She is sat on her bed, staring at a pick. I sit next to her and get a glance of the picture she is holding. Its of our mother and fathers wedding day. Mother looked absolutely beautiful in a flowing white dress with pink roses glued all over. Me and Anna stand in front of our parents wearing matching blue bridesmaids dress' and white lilies in our hair. That day was so happy, so perfect. But that was ten years ago. Now everything has changed. Anna sighs and hugs me. "How much longer are they going to last?" She whispers. I don't have an exact answer besides not long. Then the shouting stops. The door slams closed, an engine starts up and a car backs out of the drive. Five minuets later the door slams again and the second car drives away. I know Anna is fighting back tears. I am too.

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