Heart Of Ice

(Jelsa Fanfic) During her last year of high school Elsa meets the new boy, Jack. Jack isn't like anyone else Elsa knows. He has tattoos and piercings and doesn't care about sports and popularity. He's a rebel to the school system. And with promises of helping Elsa overcome her anger issues, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him.


6. Good Use

Jack POV

"They like you, you know." I say, looking out of the window. Elsa stays silent behind me. I turn and stare at her and she smiles sadly at me, still absent-mindedly turning the crown in her hands. "Pretty..."  Sophie sighed from my door. "You can have it." Elsa says, placing on her head. Sophie touches the crown as though checking it's really there, smiles brightly, hugs Elsa tightly then runs out, calling for Amy to come look at her 'pretty new crown'. Elsa laughs at them and falls back onto my bed, a smile on her face. "At least it got put to some good use instead of being thrown out of the window like I was going to do." she shrugs. Her eyes close and her breathing gets heavier as she slowly falls asleep.

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