Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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34. Tori

I soon, before the people arrive downstairs, have to lie back down. I've reopened my stiches, and blood flows out of me like a river. Just as I see black and brown boots at my eyelevel, I pass out.



I grunt, and slowly move my arm out from under my chest. What the heck just happened? Why am I in my bed? Is it safe? Why do I feel ten times worse than before?

I fluter my eyes open, and see mom standing next to Aunt Midnight and the rest ofmy wonderful family. Uncle Tom is here too, but I quickly have to half-close my eyes anyway. I see Aunt Midnights casual 'not killing anyone at the moment' boots, then Queenie scuffed ones, then mom's that are still crisp as an apple, but I abruptly stop at a pair of short ones, light brown, and beaten to a pulp just about. Who is the heck is in or house?

"Let me up." I say sternly. Mom starts to object, but I ignore her.

"Either you're helping me or I'm ripping the stiches again, choose one." Aunt Midnight steps forward and hauls my light body up by the shoulders, fixing a pillow against my wall so I can lean against it and sit on my bed. The girl with the different boots looks at me awkwardly. She's about fourteen, with scars lining her body. Of course, not matching up to mine or the rest of the family's of course, but enough to show experience in some sort of training. Not as brutal as ours, but good in any form. I give her the same contorted eyebrows back, and she points her eyes down.

"What exactly are all of you doing in my room?" I ask defensively, still mocking her face. She doesn't look up, or really give a solid answer.

"You're Kenny?" She asks.

"You can't answer a question with a question, and certainly not if it's irrelevant. But, if you must know, yes I am, but to you it's Kennedy." Aunt Midnight covers her mouth to keep from laughing when the girl turns back to look at her. I try again to mimic her shocked and questionable face.

"Kennedy Page Shadownight!" Mom gasps. I smile a little. The girl shuffles forward. I pretend the burning in my back is just a trick of the mind.

"I'm Tori." I smile again.

"And knowing your name makes what kind of dent in my defense? You are in MY room, after all." Dad gives me a stern look, but I don't acknowledge him. I want explaining, and I want it now.

"Go on, she won't bite." My mother whispers to Tori.

"Yes, but she will punch and kick, and stab, and shoot, and fire..."

"Queenie! Stop it." Dad says. Queenie wears a proud look on her face.

"I was adopted by Midnight and Thomas." Tori mutters, uncomfortable. I stop smiling immediately and turn to Aunt Midnight.

"She's your new cousin. And I expect you to treat her like your family." Mom cuts in, and shoots a glare at Bex. She laughs, and so do I, on the inside. I wonder what she did? Probably morphed into the lion. I wonder if I could be a lion? The only thing I've ever been able to transform into was a jaguar, a black one, with huge purple eyes. I've only done it a few times, Bex showed me how to morph, my frame just took shape to a jaguar.

"I see how much my opinion is valued then." I stare at Uncle Tom. His face is a weird mix of uncomfortable and about to burst into laughter.

"Never mind. However, I would appreciate it if you could leave. I'm fine." I say harshly. Tori leaves immediately, wanting to get out. I feel a little bad, but I'm not really in the best of moods either.



"Today's the day, you ready?" It's only actually been a few hours since I awoke, but the splint has done it's job, and is no longer needed.

"Whatever." I don't think the pain meds are doing anything but make my mind go all mood swingy. Aunt Midnight walks in, followed by Dad. Mom leaves the room, clicking her heels on the floor, which is now coated with paper incase my blood goes everywhere. She liked the heels she bought earlier today when they went dress shopping, she kept them on. I'm so gad I missed that. The others didn't seem too happy about it.

"Now, we have a treat for you, Kenny. For your entertainment while I take a metal stick out of your body, I have organized a fashion show. Aunt Midnight and Fashion show do not go in the same sentence. This should be good, even though I don't know what it is. I don't have time to answer before Queenie walks in in a pink dress. Wait, a pink dress?!?!?!?!?!?

Laughter doesn't even register in my mind before it comes out of my mouth. Queenie scowls at me, and Aunt makes a twirling motion with her fingers, as giddy as me. Queenie twirls along with her fingers and slowly lifts the dress to reveal silver high heels. A small cut is being formed on my back, but I still laugh until I think I might throw up. Then Bex walks in, a sea green dress, perfectly plain and a little pretty, a lot pretty in fact, but a dress all the same. My laughing doesn't falter for a second. I feel digging in my body, clearly Aunt Midnight searching for the splint. I can't laugh anymore, and try to hold my face together, but a shriek escapes my lips. By the time I have finished it, Aunt Midnight is sewing up my wound once again. The Brynna comes in, a white dress, with a silver bow and flower on the waistband. Draped in white linen and lace. My mouth stays open as my voice dyes down. She looks incredible, stunning.


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