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20. The Games (Part 3)

Today seems different. I know something is going to happen, something. I don't know, good or bad, I just know. I just hope it's for the better.

Another cannon went off last night, I'm not sure who or how or when, but it wasn't my pond. I didn't even see the hovercraft, so it must have been deeper in the woods.

I am still on edge, so I take out my knife and keep it in hand instead of my belt. I do a few test shots, and I'm able to hit just as well as home.

By the afternoon I'm starving again. I try some hunting, which only lasts for an hour until I give up. I already drank all my water, so I circle around and go back to the pond, the good one. After refilling my bottle, I check my trap by the tree I set this morning. A nice sized rabbit is wedged in between the sticks, but I have to stab it in the head anyway because they didn't quite break it's neck.

It takes me until now to realize that cameras are watching me. I put on a tough face, but inside, I'm terrified. I can't cry in the middle of the games, no matter what, right?

That something, turns out to be rain. I don't want to get wet, and my best bet is making a shelter out of broken branches, so I go back to the wasteland.

Trying my best to make it look real, and not human-made, I twist some branches and leaves together. I can't see two feet in front of my, so I can work as I please, with no distractions from Tributes that may be prowling around. I'm already soaked by the time I build a halfway decent shelter. It still leaks here and there, but better than being caught in the middle of a storm. I take my boots off and sit them where the roof doesn't spray water so they can dry. I didn't even have a chance to cook my rabbit, so I just skin it and use the hide to cover the leak above my head. I can barely move in here, but it's warm, and dry for the most part, so I can't complain. I gnaw on my beef stick for hours before the rain proceeds. Outside, trees from the forest are blown down, and puddles are everywhere. I use my hands to fill the half empty poison bottle, watering it down, but still just as effective. Traveling probably half the wasteland, I poison every puddle with a drop of orange liquid. Now, the only place safe is the pond behind mine, and I'm the only human to find it, for no other signs of people, or life except birds, were there. Pretty soon, the forest is clean again, and all the wasted materials from the storm are in the wasteland. A nice sized tree is here, and hollow, so I dig the mud out, and climb inside. My snall body frame fits well inside, and it's dry, so I stay, making a door with some other wind blown pieces of bark. It, on the outside, just looks like a normal tree with a piece of bark leaning against it, but for me, it's home.

Before retreating for the night, I knock down my former shelter, in case anyone has suspicions. I think that the 'something' is over, but it is yet to come.

A squeaking sound comes from the bushes on the side of the forest, then rustling. I think it's an animal, until I see a bloody human hand come out, then an entire body, in crawling position. They're so bloody and traumatized I have time to hide behind a branch with leaves, that somewhat camouflage me.

It's a girl, but I don't recognize her. To be totally honest, I can't see her, but still.

She looks up for a split second, and sees me. I quickly stand, and she does the same, only with more effort because of an ankle ingury that is clearly present. I thow my knife, but she doges ever so slightly, and it hits her upper thigh. She doesn't scream, but I can tell it adds fire to whatever pain she already felt. I almost feel bad for her, but I quickly contradict myself. She falls to the ground, head in hands, and mumbles. I think she's praying, but I'm not sure what for. I myself would rather die than be in that sort of pain.

I walk a few feet toward her, not wanting to get too close. My knife isn't really near her, and I'm able to retrieve it while she's still grieving. I hold it up, ready to release, just in case. She looks up at me, clearly wishing me to throw a deadly shot.

"Go ahead. Do it." She snarls. I almost do it, but stop midway.

"No." I whisper. She waves at me.

"Do it, I'd rather die." She still clenches her teeth in hatred, but tries her best to appeal to my sensitive side. Too bad it's way far gone.

"I can do it without pain. I promise." I take my bottle out of my backpack. The water one, not the poison. Then I slowly approach her. Her silky blonde hair is down, and matted, covered with blood. I wonder what happened, while I take away her quiver of arrows from her shoulder. I bet if she could move, she would stop me from pitying her, but she cant, so she doesn't. Throwing the arrows aside, I help her turn over on her back. I'll have to do this quickly, before anyone else comes to play.

I take her shirt off, and mine as well. I use mine to wash off the blood from many open wounds in her stomach and chest. None of which are deep enough to be fatal. Of course, I'm not going to wait until she is better enough to kill me, just thought I'd make her more comfortable. And she knows it, so she lets me.

"What happened?" I ask through my work, she gasps from my sudden touch of her wounds and answers.

"Got caught up with the guy from twelve. I don't have a bow, just the arrows, so I had to get close enough to stab him. He had a long bladed sword hidden behind his back." She laughs at herself. I clean the rest of her skin, using up almost all of my water. The rest I let her drink. She sighs in relief.

"I've been like this for a day." She comforts my work. I smile, knowing I help somebody out.

"I've got poison, you can drink. It won't hurt, only if it touches your skin." I frown again, she does the same.

"Fine by me, as long as I get out of this living nightmare." She shrugs. I take out the other bottle and carefully pour some down her open mouth. It doesn't seem to bother her, so I guess I was right, it must just hurt your skin.

"Thanks Kenny." She smiles, but she closes her eyes before I can ask. How did she know my often used nickname? Of course, anyone who hears Kennedy would probably think Kenny, but still. She said it just when I needed to hear it. I put my shirt on, forgoting I even took it off. It's wet, but it's fine since I'm hot. I watch her body stop moving, and drag her out in the open where the hovercraft can get her easily. I wait for a while before leaving. I only remember her name before I leave. She's the District Six girl, Alpine. I forgot to tell her how much I loved her name. It's too late now.

I pick up her arrows, and her shirt. Stuffing it in my bag, I go to the good pond and wash my shirt and hers. Of course hers has a great deal of cuts in it, but could be good for something. I also refill my water before I walk back to my dug out tree. My shirt is cool against my flaming hot skin. Only a few puddles remain outside, which means the ones I added poison to are dried up, leaving the ground poisonous. I make a note not to touch the wasteland ground with bare skin at all anymore.

A cannon finally goes off for Alpine, and I hear the hovercraft pick her up.

Two more cannons go off before sundown. None of which I know about. I don't know if they're my kill or not, but it's good to know that I'm that much closer to getting home.

The sky lights up with the boy from Two's face first, Owen. A career usually lasts until the eight-left mark, but they must have stumbled on something. Maybe even the poisonous traps I set, I have no way of knowing. I didn't notice any hovercrafts, but them again, I didn't pat attention.

Then Alpine. She was really pretty, even covered in blood.

Then the Boy from Twelve, Elain. Alpine didn't say anything about his wounds, but he had to have some. Must have gotten the best of him eventually too.

The next day is the same as the first, minus the girl dying and the rain. It's so hot I think I might die from that. I catch a good sized woodpecker with my knife, which supplies my hunger for the morning. The rest is history.

Not one face is in the sky that night when I retreat back to my tree shelter, which I'm starting to love.

I go to sleep satisfied, but scared. The crowd will be getting restless soon.

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