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19. The Games (Part 2)

I slowly open my eyes, expecting to see a purple bookshelf mounted to a blue wall, but I don't. I see a thick green forest below me. I've never been away from home this long, and it's starting to get to me. Last night I dreamt that mom and dad were home, baking Brynna's wedding cake together. That would never happen, because my father is as far away from a cook as you can get, and Brynna herself would've overseen the entire project, but it was still nice to see them. I felt like I had actually seen them. I guess I have to get used to this scene now, I'll be stuck in it for at least a week or two.

I sit up, careful not to nudge any branches. It's still halfway dark, and I estimate it's almost dawn. A good time to start moving, so I climb back down the tree. Pausing, I try to think of some way to find water, fast. I go left, into the wasteland. Water will be easier to find there in the open, and if not, then I could find something useful. Maybe an abandoned camp or something. Maybe get some hunting done, although I would have to wait to cook it until dusk, when smoke would be hard to see in the sky, but the fire wouldn't draw too many people. Plus, nobody wants to go looking for a fight right before nightfall.

I make my way through the rubble of the wasteland. Nothing salvageable, because it's all a tangled mess of debris, but still useful in a different way. It doesn't seem like anyone has been here, yet, but thy will be soon enough.

For half the day I scale the wasteland. When again the sun is above me, I stop. Tired, beaten from the sun's heat, and incredibly thirsty. Hunger has made itself noticeable in the past couple hours as well. I make a mental note, that if I am to be out like this again, I will only do it at really early morning, so it won't be as hot. I also note that I need to find water, fast.

I eat a tiny bite of my beef stick. It's only as long as my forearm, so I have to stretch it greatly.

Another hour passes until I finally come to a downhill mound of dirt, and as I travel up, I see traces of water birds. On the other side, is a small pond, surrounded with dirty plants, but wayer just the same. It's as clear as glass, and I think it's only a foot deep until I dip my arm in, and it's way deeper. I don't know if it's a trick or not, but either way, not drinking it would diminish any chance I had of surviving. I lick my finger, fine. Then a handful, perfectly normal. I fill my water bottle, and take more and more sips. I can't stay here, I know I can't. People will come looking for water, and they'll find me along with it. I can't do that.

I stay for fifteen minutes, drinking as much water as possible. I trace my steps back to the forest, so I can come back. I look around, and even though it's almost a mile away, I can see the top of the cornucopia from here.

I turn, and almost walk away, before coming up with the most brilliant idea I've ever had. Why not eliminate some competition?

I go back down the hill, so the pond is hidden from view, and dig a trench.

It takes two hours to fulfill my plan. My trench is one foot deep, and about the size of my bedroom around. Then, taking a lot of live leaves gathered from the forest, I put then on the bottom of the hole. I, then, use my only water bottle to fill the trench up with fresh water from the pond behind the hill. Once it's full, I dip in my pack for the small bottle labeled poison.

I carefully open it, as not to spill it on my skin. Who knows what it will do? I pour half the bottle in the newly made pond, making as deadly as my knife. Even worse, because it's impossible to be wounded from pure poison. All you can do is die then.

I smile at my own cleverness. The climate and signs point right here as if this were the real pond. And even if someone were to know my poisonous trick, then they would be scared to touch the other water supplies, right? Then they would die from dehydration. If I find another water source, I'll poison it too, because I know which ones are safe, and which are not.

I retreat back to the forest, this time making sure I stay within the vicinity of the pond, so I don't have to track it down again. The sun says almost time for dinner. Oh, wait, I never hunted!

I climb a tree and look around. I can't really see anything, but I can hear some usual animal noises, like chirps and running rabbits. I get back down, and spend the rest of the afternoon setting a trap that I've never done before. I wait for a while, nothing comes, and eventually I go myself with my knife and backpack. I leave a trail of pebbles behind me, but not close enough that they would look like a trail.

In yet another hour, all I have to show is a beaten up squirrel. I cook what's left of the meat at dust, for reasons I have already stated, and eat it all in one sitting. I can't carry it around, it smells, and it will ruin the meat altogether. Plus, then I won't have to eat in the morning, and can get going sooner. At this point, I'd be fine without sponsors, but I'm perfectly happy with a few presents any day.

I take down the fire, and dump the ashes out a ways into the wasteland. Nobody will ever know I was here.

A scream comes from the north. I look up, ready to attack, knife poised, but then I hear a cannon, and watch the hovercraft go directly over the pond I just made. The body is burned almost black, and covered in bubbles. So that's what happens when you touch it? Huh, pretty bad way to die. I smile though, because that's one person I have on my list. And now, that's one less person I have to battle hand to hand.

Her face is in the sky that night. She was the District Ten girl, Lily. Now, hopefully, the people inhabiting the wasteland will scram, or grab a sip of water before they leave.

I get in a tree as quickly as possible before the anthem fades, so I don't have to worry about noise. I do the same thing as last night, check inventory, and go to sleep.


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