Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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49. Sisters

 The next day, or as by the time I got home the night before it was one in the morning, eleven hours later, a few bangs came from the door. Naturally, chaos erupted. Or at least I think that's what people do when someone knocks on their door.

It was just a mash of everything, from Chess Pieces to Capitol officers to Faction leaders looking for Divergents. For God's sake, a few were about Hogwarts officials that weren't too nice.

At any rate, it took a few minutes to convince Zoe to open the door and face whatever was behind it. Right after Queenie handed everyone a knife and a gun.

"Who is it?" Zoe said as she approached the door. Pausing, she hears their answer while the rest of us don't.

I just stood, wielding the weaponry, about to throw the knife, when Zoe didn't scream the intruder's title. Instead, she didn't really say anything except look at the person in disbelief. I wait for her to yell 'Everyone get down!' or scream, but nothing comes for a while. Until, she finally lets words spill out of her open mouth.

"Cam-Cambren?" She sounds confused, scared, and happy at the same time. While everyone else takes down their knives, looking at each other, smiling and nervous, I stay put. I still have yet to figure out what is going on.

"Zoe? Is that you? You don't look eleven anymore!" Comes from the doorway, in a very excited girly tone. Zoe's expression doesn't change.

"But, you're dead!" Now I'm really confused.

"No, I'm not." The mysterious person who has yet to decide which side of life to be on explains the obvious. Now I'm starting to get really ticked off. Then, in an instant, Zoe's arms are flung around the person who I still cannot see.

"I've missed you!" The girl says through a series of choking on tears. About everyone else starts celebrating or crying in their own way. Brynna runs to the corridor, apparently not hearing the conversation and crying that had occurred. Of course, Travis, was on the couch with her. And lord knows what they were doing while no one was looking.

"Zoe who was-" She stops also, taking in whoever the person on the other side is.

"Cambie! Oh my gosh I can't believe it!" Okay, at least now I have a name to go by.

"Brynna, you're going to scare her! Where have you been Cam?" Zoe exclaims, letting go of 'Cambie'.

"I was on an island, I never died!" Lightning rings through the perfectly sunny sky. It makes all of us jump, but then resume normally. As normal as we can get anyway.

"What was that?" Brynna shutters.

"Nothing, happens all the time."


The phone rings, and Brynna answers. No one else moves.

"Hello?... It's Mom."

"Come on, better get you inside." Zoe leads a sixteen year old girl with blonde and red hair into our house.

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