Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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16. Score

The day comes for the training scores. I sit in a crowded room, awaiting my turn to impress. Doger glances at me once or twice. Every time he does, I answer with a sweet smile. He hates it.

"Kennedy Shadownight, District Four." An automated voice reads through the speaker in the ceiling. I nod and stand.

"Good luck." Fisher utters as I leave. I turn back. He's making it really hard to hate him.

A panel of seven gamemakers sit on an elevated platform, some are looking at me with a little interest, others just stare blankly. I swallow my pride and walk to the bows and arrows first.

I let a few arrows fly at a human target. Each hit a vital spot. One in the forehead, one in the heart, and the other in the throat. I steal a look at the judges. Most of them have given me their full attention. I take a few knives next, doing all sorts of flips, tricks, and even juggling them. The gamemakers nod vigorously. I hit every single target dead on. I decide to try moving targets next time. As usual, I hit every one of them dead on. I try the only gun in the entire training center, and do pretty good, only missing the black dot by a fifth of a centimeter.

"Thanks you very much. Your sister would be proud." The head gamemaker says as I leave.

"Trust me, you don't know my sister." I mutter, and I detect that one or two of them might have heard it. Of course they're talking about Evelyn. They don't take time to notice her, let alone her family.

That night everyone, Heavenly, Dash, Ileana, Fisher, Fisher's stylist Slerpine, and myself gather around the projection screen and wait for the Tribute scores to come to us. Ceaser reads them off quickly.

District One Girl- Leah: 8

District One Boy- Doger:10

I cringe at his score, a ten! I can't even top that!

District Two Girl- Quin: 7

District Two Boy- Owen: 9

District Three Girl- Tulip: 5

It doesn't surprise me, her score, she's about as coordinated as a worm. Not to mention she's only thirteen.

District Three Boy-Corey: 6

He wasn't much better than her, but he's really smart. It takes me a while to realize I'm next. I take a breath and ready myself. I close my eyes and wait for Ceaser's voice to fill my ears with the training score that could make or break me.

District Four Girl- Kennedy: 12

I gasp. Twelve. Nobody has ever in the history of the hunger games gotten a twelve. The rest of my party cheers and shakes, but I stay still, not happy at all. I beat Doger, and he's going to make it his personal business to make sure I don't survive. Everyone calms down enough to hear Fishers score.

District Four Boy-Fisher: 8

He didn't do so bad himself, and he takes a smile. We patiently await the rest of the scores.

District Five Girl- Jenna: 5

District Five Boy- Budge: 6

District Six Girl- Alpine: 7

District Six Boy- Wood: 6

District Seven Girl- Xinia: 4

District Seven Boy- Lucas: 6

District Eight Girl- Yuliana: 9

District Eight Boy- Ridge: 5

District Nine Girl- Peach: 6

District Nine Boy- Nate:5

District Ten Girl- Lily:8

District Ten Boy-McNatt:7

District Eleven Girl- Reacher: 8

District Eleven Boy- Grain: 7

District Twelve Girl- Monet:6

District Twelve Boy- Elain: 6

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