Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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50. On the Run

 For at least an hour, everyone sits around the kitchen table, crying and laughing and talking and hugging and everything in between. Cambie is in the middle of it all. And still no one has told me what her deal is, or why she's even here.

I see Queenie across the room, deflecting hugs and avoiding doing anything except scowl. I laugh until I realize I'm doing the same thing, and Bex is too.

I take a knife slowly from my belt and raise my eyebrows at Queenie. She smiles, and winks. She gets off the counter where she was sitting and walks past Bex, whispering in her ear and gestures to the training room entrance in the basement. I get up as naturally as possible and we manage to sneak downstairs, and unlock the weapons.

I already have a few knives in my belt, but I take the rest and fill it accordingly. Queenie straps two swords to her back, and puts two knives in her pocket. Bex grabs a gun with fifteen bullets and a dagger.  As well as her wand, which stays tucked away in her boot. I grab one of my bows, and swing twelve arrows in a quiver over my back.

"Where are we even going?" Bex asks, twirling the dagger in one hand and grasping the gun with the other.

"Kenny?" Queenie doesn't look at me, just throws a knife at a target only a few yards away, retrieving it quickly.

"I don't know. Any ideas?"

"I do have one." Queenie holds the knife, and makes a J formation with it in the air.


"Jeanine." Bex smiles through her words. I feel a smirk coming on myself.

"You mean, kill Jeanine Matthews?" Queenie nods, and Bex grabs some more bullets.

"I'm in. All we have to do is get into Erudite headquarters." Bex finishes loading the gun, and looks around for someone else to contribute to the plan.

"We could do that by tricking the guards. They know who we are, everyone does. Tell them we need to talk to Jeanine about an assassination plan someone else has. She knows our skills, she'll think we've come to protect her. After all, half our family is Erudite." I say, and within minutes more, we have a plan. None of us stops smiling the entire time.

"Let's go." Queenie turns, and we are up the stairs and in the doorway. I think we might actually do it, until....

"Where you girls going?" Mom's voice comes from the kitchen. Queenie flinches.

"A walk." I say after a second of arguing over what to say with Bex.

"Why don't you take Cambie with you? Show her around. Get some bonding time." There are three groans, and then a unsure voice.

"Fine." Surprisingly, it's Queenie.

"Cambie, come on. You're coming with us."

The girl shyly walks with us through Dauntless, and through Candor, before she speaks.

"Where are we going?"

"Erudite." Bex barks.

"Why?" Queenie turns around, and jabs a finger in Cambren's face.

"You're going to need a whole lot of guts, a whole lot of weapons, and a whole lot of stomach strength. Kennedy, knives."

"But they're mine."

"Does it look like we have time to argue? Give my a couple knives!" I hand over the two biggest ones, she'll need as much help as she can get if she's going to hit a target. I can hit with the smaller ones anyway.

"Keep these handy, and if you find yourself in trouble, throw them. Don't ever engage in any fighting unless they target you, understand? And you got magic, right?"

"Yes." Cambren utters, staring at the knives in her hands. I guess I should have cleaned the dry blood off of them before we came. I'm just used to it. But don't worry, it's my blood. I tend to hurt myself at lot.

"Use any spell you can to protect yourself, and take orders no matter what, understood?" Cambren nods, and we keep walking.



"Is this-"

"No, it's mine. I can't believe I'm letting you have my knives."

"Letting?" I turn as fast as possible, and get close to her face with mine, standing on my toes.

"Let's establish some points, Cambren. If I wasn't trying not to be nice, I could steal the knives and paralyze you in a heartbeat. So yes, I'm letting you have them. There is nothing else to it. You think I care because you have magic and you're older, think again." I turn again, leaving Cambren to shy away again by herself.

"Erudite, ahead."

"Let's do this." Bex whispers, smirking and drawing her wand. I do the same with my first knife, a five inch long blade with just enough of a handle for me to put two fingers on it.

"How are we getting in again?" I ask, and Bex answers:

"As calmly as possible, walk past the gaurds. Queenie will do the talking. She'll tell them we need to speak to Jeanine with as little words as possible, right?"

"Yes. Like she said, Kenny, don't talk unless asked a question. Understand?"

"Whatever. Just don't do anything stupid and we'll be fine." Bex frowns at me, but I really couldn't care less.

"Put our weapons away then?"

"No, get your smallest knife, to show you're there for protection and on guard but not for an attack. Bex, put the wand away, and take out something else." I do as Queenie says, and take out my smallest knife, tucking the other one away in my belt. My knife is now two inches, with no handle. I could still kill someone with it in a heartbeat, don't worry. Any of us could, excluding Cambren, who speaks with a careful voice.

"What exactly are we doing? Why are we sneaking past them to get in?"

"We're assassinating Jeanine Mattews. You just stay out of trouble, but when the fighting starts take out your wand and protect yourself without engaging unless otherwise told. Got it?"

"I guess so. Is this what you guys do?"

"For fun." Bex adds, and we all smile a little. As we approach the gaurds, there is no more time for small talk. However, at the last second, right before the gaurds notice us, Bex points to the ceiling.

"You come in from above when the time's right. Okay?"

"Sure!" I'm serious, professional, and yet excited that I can do something like this. Unexpected and totally awesome.

I climb up a dumpster, and up a water pipe, until I'm perched on the very edge of the see-through glass ceiling. They can't see me yet, because the glass's edges are smoothed by metal plating, so my body is hidden by the metal. One of my knives could easily shatter the glass. All I have to do is stab it once and jump through. Then hope I don't injure myself on the way down, which shouldn't be a problem.

"Then I hear them talking to the guards across the building. Another voice is there....Annabeth? Possibly. Queenie probably told her to come, she is a part of Erudite, Jeanine will think she's also here to protect her faction leader.

I see all of them enter through the front door. They cross the hallway, nonsuspicious, except for the weapons hanging from their waists. The Erudite stare for a few seconds, then continue. It isn't until I see them through the ceiling again on the second floor, where they find Jeanine.

"Jeanine Mattews, we have some news." She cowers behind a tall factionless man with muscles you couldn't fit in a microwave oven, but her eyes soften at Queenie's remark.

"News, what kind?"

"We have some knowledge about a future attack planned on this building, on you. We have come to protect you."

"I'm astounded you came, Shadownights, but I have plenty of gaurds. Thank you. Now, if you could please shed some light on the situation, I'd be happy to reward-"

"None of that is needed. But we do need to share some valuable information. However, we need to do it alone. I don't think having your guards hear it before you've approved what they can hear is a very powerful decision."

"I see. My office, we can talk there. Phillip, please wait outside. We will be back." Her expression id strictly business, but she shoots a glare at her thug that says 'don't trust them fully, yet.' I smile.

They go in the office, and after a few minutes of talk I can't hear, Annabeth grabs Jeanine by the throat, noiselessly. I wait a few more seconds, while the man known as Phillip outside the door faints. Annabeth and her wand, they're unstoppable.

Once Jeanine is unconscious, Annabeth grabs a USB off of her desk, labeled as 'Divergent.'

"Got it." She says, a little too loudly. An Erudite bursts through the door.

"Intruder! Help!" The lady in blue screams, running out into the hallway. Just a few more seconds, when no one's expecting it. When there's a crowd to attack.

My siblings look at each other for a moment, and Annabeth throws the USB at Bex, who catches it and looks up puzzled. Just then, another Erudite runs in.

"BEX GET BACK TO DAUNTLESS NOW!" Bex tries to run, but a factionless stops her, knocking her to the ground. She quickly stashes the USB in her pocket and gets up to fight him. Her trip to Dauntless is cut short.

Then the chaos begins. Erudite and factionless pour in, and my sisters fight them off as best as possible. Queenie punches a few people in the neck, and stands on a windowsill, shooting into the room at mobs or factionless.

Then I spring into action, tearing my eyes away from the scene unfolding below me. Annabeth protects the still sleeping Jeanine, while the others hold off the others. Queenie swings in, kicking a few peoples neck while Bex fires openly at the crowd.

I pull out my largest knife, and throw it hard a few feet in front of me. The glass cracks, so I'm barley able to see through it and its lucky to not have crashed inward. In one move I jump, grab my knife from the glass, and land on my feet, inside of erudite headquarters, suddenly stabbing at random body parts at random times. Pretty much wherever I can get my knife to hurt someone.

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