Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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53. More Siblings, and a Vampire One

"She has to finish the transformation!" Zoe yells at Midnight, her head deep in some kind of vampire book. I just perch, as usual, on the windowsill, my head down. And before I know it, Dad was gripping her shoulders. I couldn't tell if he was holding her down or trying to pull her up, but it looked painful. 

"Transition?" He says, turning to face Zoe. She gives him a quick stare, and goes back to the book, scanning the pages with her finger. Before she finds anything, Bex speaks. 

"I have to drink human blood." And just like that, by the end of the day, Bex was a vampire. To be completly honest, I had never known a vampire, but I lived with the worst of the magical, so how different would it be? And I think it'd be fun to hunt down the people who deserve to die, and use their blood to help Bex. 



Almost a day later, I heard stampeding through the house, with Aunt Midnight's voice muffled between in it. From the library, all I heard was them walking in the door, setting down a bag that must have been filled with rocks, and another voice I didn't recognize. Midnight used to bring in strangers from the streets, give them a meal, and let them stay the night. The next morning they were gone straight after breakfast. Sometimes she'd adopt the young, Mom had told me, but after Bex was born our family was big enough, so she made her stop keeping them. I always thought it would be fun, to find a needy, broken child and all of a sudden give them a mansion to live in and all the food they could eat. I perhaps thought this was one of those times. 

I ignored it, used to chaos, and locked myself in the library, finally having it to myself, and crawled back into the huge armchair I had been sitting in. What book I was reading, I didn't know, but eventually I fell asleep, my head on the armrest. 

Zoe shook me almost two hours later, whispering softly that we got a new brother. 

"What, Zoe?" I said sleepily, rubbing my eyes and streaching my legs beyond the other armrest of the chair. 

"Midnight brought a boy home. His name is Secrets. He's on the couch asleep, go take a look if you want, just don't wake him." 

"Alright, but how'd you get in here?" 

"You don't think I have a key to my most favorite room in the house?" She smiled, prettier than I knew I'd ever be, and I smiled too. She got up, grabbed a random book off the self, and left. 

New brother....hmm. Mom told me she stopped letting Midnight adopt people, so this boy must be a special one. After stretching and rolling my numb body off the comfy chair, I went quietly out in the living room. 

A fury lye on the couch, along with a lump of blankets only Mom could pile on a sleeping person. Secrets, his name was Secrets. I cocked my head, wondering how he ended up the way he was. On the streets, alone. A beret was on the table next to him. I watched him silently, sleeping, for almost ten minutes, before Aunt Midnight cam in and joined me. 

"You seem interested in him." She said, keeping her voice as low as possible without completely whispering.  

"I guess, I don't know. He's....different. A change." I said slowly. 

"A change from your sisters, or from something else?" 

"Not sure." We didn't look at each other for a moment, just watched the sleeping boy, until she spoke again. 

"Maybe you ought to help him." I turned away from the couch for the first time since I'd walked in, staring at my aunt. 

"What do you mean?" She also faced me. 

"I mean, share a room with him, mentor him. Might be nice for each of you to have an actual friend." I didn't argue with that. I hadn't spoken to anyone outside my family in months, and had o desire to. I never had a friend, just siblings, which I suppose he would be too, but not yet. 

"Yeah." I reply, facing him again. 

"Good. Now get to bed, he'll be here in the morning. And I don't fancy people waking up while I'm staring at them with my niece." 

"Alright, Aunt Midnight." She walks with me to the end of the hallway, and disappears into her room. I climb the steps slowly, trying not to make a sound. When I finally make it to my bed, I collapse. 




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