Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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12. Goodbyes

Mom comes to see me first, followed by Dad, Aunt Rogue, Uncle Tom, and all my sisters and cousins I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but that is defeated the second I see my family.

Zoe hugs me so tight, that I have to address my shoulder and back wounds. I sit on a red couch, on my dad's lap, with mom beside me, and my uncle and aunt behind me. Zoe, Evelyn, and Ginny sit on the floor at my feet. Queenie is on the other side of me, Bex is cuddling me from Queenie's lap. Des cries next to mom. Annabeth is practically laying over mom's lap, touching my legs and crying into mom's dress. Cat tries staying strong in Aunt Rogues arms, but that plan fails worse than mine.

We stay like that for two of our three minutes. The rest I take to hug each of them, saying my final goodbyes.

"Why?" Queenie takes one look at me, and I melt.

"Cause I'm stupid, remember?" I laugh, but it just urns into more crying for both of us. I decided to give her a real answer.

"One less person to protect for a while, you guys need to get settled." I say back. She frowns, and wipes her eyes.

"I'm so sorry." I finish, hugging my mother for maybe the last time. A peacekeeper comes in, raking hold of Aunt Rogue and pushing her out, along with Des and Ginny. Dad shoves him off and gives him a stern look. The peacekeeper gives up, and calls for backup.

"Just go, bye, I'll be home soon." They are pushed out the door before I can add "I promise." But I say it to myself anyway. I quickly wipe my eyes without too much pressure. I can't look like I've been crying. A fog has clouded my vision, and it's no tear, just an imaginary being that I ignore.

My next visitor is so unexpected I almost fall over.

"Brynna?" I say, hugging her.

"Why is it that I come home for five minutes and you volunteer for the hunger games?" She asks through her tears.

"Cause, someone had to stand up for the family." I answer back. She looks at me, waiting for a better explanation.

"You know, it could have at least been one of them with magic." She says, but doesn't mean it. Either way she is losing a sister.

"Yeah. Training took a lot of time away from learning how to used that stupid wand, or my powers from Hades." After our conversation, we hug for the entire two and a half minutes  we have left, and a man in white armor comes to take her away. I cry again, and promise her the same thing.

"And tell them I'll be home! I promise them!" I yell over her screams to get out of the peacekeeper's grasp.

The door slams, and I'm left alone. Nobody else would come see me, would they?

"Hey." Someone says from behind me. It's Travis, Brynna's boyfriend. I smile. We used to tease each other all the time.

"Hey." I say, walking toward him. He opens his arms and I hug him, still not knowing what to say, or even why he came here.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" He asks, and I nod in his embrace. He leans down and whispers in my ear.

"I'm going to ask your sister to marry me." He states. I gasp, although it's not really a surprise. She's been waiting for this for months.

"Well, that depends. Are you going to protect her no matter what?" I ask sternly, he laugh slightly.

"I don't think I'd have to with your family, but yes."

"Fine. But even if I die in the next few weeks, I will hurt you if you leave her." I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Got it, and trust me, you won't die." He whispers, and leaves.

Nobody else comes, and eventually Heavenly comes and shoves me in a black car. She gives me a mirror, and I check me face for signs of tears. Nothing. I smile, and prepare for the cameras.

They flock me all at once. I smile at them slightly, yet a dangerous look arouses in my eyes. What are they going to take from that? Not one emotion could be read through that, perfect in my favor.

Next Day: On the train

I've spoken to Fisher exactly once. At breakfast this morning, we had a conversation about the food, and our favorite weapons. It lasted fifteen minutes until our mentor broke us up to train verbally. He took Fisher first, so I just eat as much food as possible.

"Kennedy!" Fisher yells, joining me in the dining room.

"He's ready for you." I laugh and walk to the back of the train.

"What?" I ask, sounding annoyed. My mentor isn't pleased at my tone.

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