Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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43. Freezing Rain

I steer as long as possible, not wanting to have to wake Queenie. It's three in the morning, and my eyes are slowly shutting by themselves. 

My sleepiness wins, and my eyes close. 

I'm awakened by a jolt, and another. My hands grip the wheel, my head resting on my shoulder. My watch says 3:30. I've been asleep at the wheel for half an hour! 

I check the readings, steering us back on course to wherever we're going. If I would have slept for another minute, we would've been lost at sea. I can't take it, if I fall asleep again and get us killed, I'll be the one to blame for my family. I hate getting Queenie, but I can't drive anymore. 

I stumble down the steps to the lower decks, and find Queenie in a corner. My feet barely go where I command them, but I make it there, in front of a sleeping Queenie. 

"Queenie," I whisper a few times, lazily. The I start shaking her as best I can. She wakes up easily after that. 

"Get some sleep, Kenny." She says, smiling and stretching her neck. 

"I'm.....I'm fine." I say after a while. But she can tell by my voice how tired I am. She pulls me in a hug, and I'm glad she does, because it's the only thing keeping me on my feet. 

"Are you sure? What time did you get off the wheel?"

"Just now." I whisper. She chuckles. 

"The time." I look down at my watch.


"I didn't want it that precise." I roll my eyes, and so does she. Mom used to compare us all the time. Then it started getting on Queenie's nerves. I liked it, a little. I used to like being called my sister. She just didn't. She didn't want to be me. 

She walks over to her bag, laughing and taking out two swords. One of which is Roberts. She walks back up the stairs to the wheel. Tori isn't down here, and I don't like being by myself on a creaky ship, so I go back up and sleep in the cabin on deck. There isn't any windows, so it stays dark enough. 

I think I fall asleep the moment my body hits the soft quilt on the floor. There are cots downstairs, but I'd rather be up here. 

I sleep for a few more hours until daylight breaks. I get up, and walk on deck. 

"Tori! Is that you?!" Queenie yells up the crows nest. I smile, looking up the pool too. Tori swings over to the side with Queenie below it. 

"Yep!" I laugh at her tone. She seems like she's having fun. I bet she's never done this before. She's like a child in a candy store, for the first time ever. 

"What the hell are you doing up there?" Queenie yells back. 

"Getting a good view!" Tori continues to stare at the sea, and I don't blame her. I'd be up there if she wasn't already. Queenie smiles, probably thinking the same thing as me, and goes back to the wheel. 

A few minutes later, clouds appear in the sky. I pray it won't ba a storm, but a few drops fall on my face, and I scramble to the other mast. 

"Tori! Get down NOW!" Queenie yells, stabilizing the wheel while helping my prepare to take in the sails. Tori climbs down and takes over my job, so I run below deck and wait for one of them to tell me if we need anything. 

After a while I go back up, and it's a full fletched hurricane. I buckle down in the cabin, soaked to the bone. I wrap the quit around me tighter and tighter until I fall asleep. 

A few hours later Tori wakes me up. I talk to her for a while, my feet freezing in their boots, but I ignore it. 

We chat about the sea, and stuff about sailing, but the thing that doesn't change is the freezing pain in my feet. Queenie walks in, and I try to stand, but intense, sharp pain arouses in my feet. I cry out for Queenie, and she runs over. 

" feet." I say hurtfully. She examines them, and a look of terror appears on her face. She rips off my boots as fast as possible, but not my black socks. She grabs the hem of them, but they don't move. She runs a hand over my feet, and it hurts terribly. Eventually, she gives me a look that says to brace myself. I do, and she yanks at my socks. They rip off, but literally they have to be ripped peice by peice. My feet are purple, and it looks like I have blisters all over them. I register it in my mind before Queenie says it out loud. Frost bite. I look inside my boots. They were wet from the rain, and there isn't any heat in the cabin without the fire, so the wet boots froze on my feet. Then I fell asleep, and they had two hours to freeze me. 

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