Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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37. Forbidden Training

"Get some sleep." Zoe mutters as she leaves my room. I smile and nod, waiting for her to shut the door so I can do what I'd been planning all day. She switches off the light and shuts the door. I listen to her footsteps walk up at least two floors and when her door shuts, I fling the covers off my body, revealing my black tights, knee high laced black boots, and dark purple tank top. I tip-toe to my closet and pull out my leather jacket and fingerless gloves. After pulling them on, I slowly creep out of my room. I almost go upstairs to that training room, but then I hear Queenie's blasting music. I quickly turn and go back down.

Checking that everyone else is asleep, I open the door to the downstairs training bunkers. I smile, feeling the knives in my hands, like I haven't held them in years. I sling a bow over my shoulder, along with a few arrows, and fill my belt with knives.

I miss the first arrow I shoot, hitting just right of the target, but eventually get my feel for it back. Hitting every time, I try knives. It hurts more than the bow, but I ignore it, and try a few turns. I automatically hit.

I feel alive again, rejuvenated, amazing. White hot adrenaline courses through me, covering the slight pain in my back. I know I'm not even supposed to be walking, but I don't care. I can't take it anymore. Tomorrow I'll just lay down extra, maybe sleep through breakfast, as long as I can come down here at night.

After a few more minutes of slicing targets, the small creak of the metal door sounds through the air. I'm dead.

I grab the knives off the ground and stuff them in my belt, sprinting quietly to the agility training area, where rocks and other obstacles are stacked at random to see who can get through the holes and bumps faster. I almost always win because of my size and speed.

"Anyone training already?" It's Tori. The good adrenaline turns bad, and I taste bile in my mouth. What is she doing here? Does she have to take everything from me? This is my territory.

I watch her pick my knives out of the targets, one by one, studying how they landed. I stay behind the rock in the agility area until I see her smile, getting ready to throw my knife.

"Don't." I say loudly. She turns, not seeing me yet, and drops the knife. It clatters to the ground.

"What? Who-"

"Don't." I say again, sharply, and stand. Her eyes meet mine, and I narrow them. She does the same.

"Don't touch my knives." I command. She steps forward.

"Your knives? I've never heard of a girl your age with knives."

"I've never heard of a girl that didn't wake up before six am." I swiftly climb over the rock, and take one of the knives out of her hand. I quickly turn, kicking one leg up, and land in a kneel, letting the knife sly out of my hand. It hits the target, directly center, with a loud thump.

I stand again, facing Tori. She hands over the rest of my knives, and I put them carefully in my belt.

"Ever heard of a girl my age doing that, with a broken back." I remark. Her mouth doesn't close for a second.

"No." She whispers. I snicker.

"Want to see some more?" She doesn't answer, or move, but I pick up my bow and arrows and walk to the simulator. I close the glass door, trapping Tori outside it to watch me.

'Watch and learn.' I mouth to her. She sort of half smiles. I tap the panel with my height, weight, and click 'Over Advanced'.

A human target appears before me. I pull an arrow from behind me and launch it. IT hits the human's heart, letting the metal bar automatically swing it back up to the celling. I hear the arrow clank back to the dispenser as two more targets come beside me. I launch a knife at one, and following the turn around, I pull an arrow back and shoot. Both of the targets meet their desired marks.

A few more minutes pass until the last target is slaughtered with my last knife.

I don't look outside thr=e glass until gathering my arrows and knives. I wish I had looked up, because I would have locked myself in the glass case.

Next to Tori is Queenie, and next to her is Bex, who is talking to Mom. I freeze, wanting to run, but I don't.

"What in the-"

"You were great." Mom cuts off Bex. I frown, ready to defend myself, then I stop. Did mom just say 'I did great'? Isn't she the one that usually gets mad when I do these things. Tori nods.

"Um, thanks." I mutter, pushing past all of them and putting my knives away on the wall. When I turn back around, I notice something I didn't notice before, when Tori walked in. She's wearing a black suit. Aunt Midnight's mercenary clothes. I gasp, the growl, and almost attack her. She has no right to wear them, none at all. She will never reach that rank in my book. They are't hers, their the Shadownight's and Scarlett's. Not hers. She isn't one of us, and never will be.

"Take them off, now." I yell, walking faster and faster toward her until I break into a run. She doesn't move, just stands there, waiting for me to crash into her. I jump in mid air, almost touching Tori, when Queenie catches me and wrestles me to the ground.

"Give them back! THEY AREN'T YOURS!" I scream over and over while Queenie hold me down. I could get up, but I don't register the moves or go fast enough, my mind is to scattered.

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