Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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8. Fight Of my Life

I stand, frozen. They are extremely outnumbered. I close my eyes and take a breath. I make myself noticed by throwing my knife at the chest of the closest robe.

"KENNEDY!" Queenie and Aunt Rogue call at the same time. I ignore them and snap my head back at the black figures. A few have raised their bows at me, the others toward Queenie and Rogue. I take my bow off my shoulder and draw an arrow back in one swift movement. I don't dare fire, the others would launch theirs at my family. The man I hit with my knife still tries to aim, but seconds later his blood is drained, and he drops dead. A few others are also lying on the floor, all dead. How many people are in this?

Queenie draws a knife slowly from her belt, and Aunt reloads the gun. She puts it back in the belt and takes a sword out. My muscles tense even more. I can't see their faces, which makes it even harder to read their next move. I'm scared of what my family will do. I know Aunt would kill herself before we died, same way with Queenie. And me, I guess that's why I came. I will die first. The problem is, if they fire and Aunt takes it, or Queenie, we are that many people down.

I don't breathe, move, speak, or even acknowledge anything except the heart my arrowhead is directly in front of. No one does for that matter.

Queenie and Aunt are back to back. Joining them would release every bowstring in the room. I'm still standing in the doorway. I could easily jump out, but something stops me. Something greater than fear itself, loss. If I leave, I would lose in a different way. I pray that someone else would come, but I contradict myself. It would mean more room for loss.

I shift my feet, testing their patience. The strings go back farther. Queenie's face hardens, and she draws her knife behind her. I'm about to scream no, but she lets it go too fast. All hell seems to break lose.

Three arrows come toward me. I let my arrow go and hit a head straight in the middle of the forehead. I get the chance to watch him drop before I quickly jump behind the doorway. I draw two knives as soon as the arrows hit beside me. I dart back in the room and join my family members. Nobody was hit, but arrows are still flying from the black mob. I jump next to Queenie and throw my knives. They each hit their targets, as well as Queenie's do. Four more robes hit the floor. Aunt Rogue looks at me sorrowfully and runs up to the remaining Chess pieces. Queenie and I follow, firing knives all the way. I run out of knives in my belt and move back to my bow.

I turn, dodging an arrow. One scrapes Queenie's arm, but does very little damage. One hits my shin, but my boots help to protect it. I cry once, but it hurts nothing more than that. It bounces off, finding no hole in my skin to be made.

I see Aunt Rogue disable a figure of it's bow and slice her sword through his throat. I fire an arrow, but it misses the suspecting target. I quickly reload, firing two more before another body is hit. I'm out of arrows, so I take the knives from my pockets. I can't afford to miss anymore, so I'm forced to run and stab the directly. Aunt Rogue tries to stop me, but continue running. Only a couple black robes are left standing. I run up to the first, and he tries to stab me with an arrow, I'm too close, and he just barley miss. I take my knife and burry it deep in his shoulder. He screams and I pull it out, trying to block out the sickening sound. I could never do this if it weren't to save my family. I plunge the bloody knife back in his chest, and again in his throat. He drops, and I go to move on. Before I can stab the other, who now has a hold on my shoulder, Queenie takes him down with a punch and a knife.

I sigh as the cold hand clipped on my back releases. I shrug it off and look around me. They're all dead, and I just killed them.

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