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My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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22. End of the Games

I had to say goodbye to Fisher. I couldn't kill him in the end, and I can't send both of us home. He's done to much for me, nursed me back to health over the last few days, and got me away from the careers.

"I'm leaving." I state, gathering my things and stuffing them in my pack. I also take an extra bottle of water and the carrots. He gave me the bow, and I let him keep some of the knives. I've been able to hunt a lot easier with the bow, rather than stabbing everything. It ruins half the meat anyway.

"Kennedy, we don't have to. There's still a lot of tributes left, and..." His voice trails off in a mist of confusion. I turn toward him sharply.

"There's two other than us, Fisher." Everyone else got caught in the wasteland in my traps. The only one's left are Doger and the boy from seven, Lucas.

"I know, I'm just scared without you. I don't want to be on my own."

"You're older than me! How do you think I feel? I'm leaving because I don't want you to die!" The words come out before I can stop them. He snatches my hand, and takes my backpack.

"No," He whispers. "I won't die, not because of them." He takes out the poison, and drinks every last drop before I can object. A cannon goes off immediately. I grab everything and take it, in hysterics. His body lies in a puddle of access poison, which burns his skin on contact.  Stuffing it in my pack I run. Far away. Away from the cannon, away from everything. They will find me, and I'll be defenseless. I can't fight, not anymore.

I collapse in a heap, near the edge of the forest, and cry my eyes out. He died because of me.

I force myself up after another cannon goes off. Two people left.

The sky takes me by surprise, it's Doger that died. I'm up against Lucas. And tonight is going to be the finale. I load my bow, and slowly walk toward where the cannon went off. They must have fought, because it wasn't near the wasteland.

Lucas stands in the open. In a small clearing, wheilding a spear. I gasp. He saw me. I guess it doesn't matter now, but ?I stay hidden anyway. I run the opposite direction. He chuckles and follows me slowly. I climb a tree before he can catch up. He throw, hard. My heart pounds and I can feel my pulse in every aspect of my body. I have no choice. I have to jump out of the tree. I spring, trying to land as far away from him as possible. Only one issue, I'm too high up, and it's already too late. In my excitement and terror, I miscalculated, and I land on my head. The last thing I hear is my cannon.

I see nothing, I hear nothing, just a see of black emptiness. I'm aware of a slight tingling feeling on my back, and pain in my neck. I broke it, I know it. I'm dead. I'm dead.

It feels like a million forever's before I hear, see, feel, or even think something. I'm not capable of anything anymore. I finally burst. I have to do something. I dream of swinging my arms, thrashing to break free of my silence, but it doesn't happen.

"Kenny." I hear mom's voice, then dad's, then my family. The chant my name for hours on end. I like it at first, but then it slowly fades. The next thing I hear is wood snapping all around me. Something is breaking, but what? I moves me, rocking my back and forth. Crying comes through to my brain, and yelling, and screaming. Someone stops the shaking, yelling at my sister.

"Zoe, stop it!" Aunt Midnight. Zoe cries. I shiver, suddenly absent of a faint heat. I'm in the open.

"Wait!" Annabeth says, and a hand is placed on my chest.

"Wait." She whispers again, keeping her hand there.

My mind goes blank, except for the last thing I hear. Mom's voice repeating "Coma" over and over again through cries.

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