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51. Bex's Birthday

It's been about a month since the assassination of Jeanine Mathews, and her dying is yet to be the biggest thing going on in my life. I'm sure we will all get what's coming to us eventually, but right now, we have more serious issues. 


It was Bex's birthday, and although I guess I should have cared, I didn't. In this family, just about every day of the year is someone's birthday. It gets old after a while.

I walk in the training room, and see Queenie training along with Tori and Zoe. Always having the attitude for fighting, I naturally stepped in. We fought without weapons for a while, I transformed into a panther, some stuff went down, and long story short it just ended up being the usual fighting fiasco we always had. After an hour of meaningless fighting and Queenie yelling, we decided to take it to the yard, where Bex and some other guy were just meeting up. 

For once, Bex seemed happy, even content. She just stood in all her happiness for a while. Tori, Queenie, Zoe, and I also stood, staring wildly at the boy next to her. I think I've seen him before, but didn't know his name. He'd been in our house maybe twice, I'm not sure. All I knew is that he was Bex's friend. They just stood a ways away from us, not even noticing our presence. 

I looked at his eyes intently. Even for far away, something was off, not right. His attitude was different than what he was playing. Tori half way nudged me, noticing the same thing. An ounce of fear danced in the back of my brain, but I didn't think as much of it. I guess I'm used to finding even the smallest doubt in people. 

Slowly, I reached back and touched one of my knives, to make sure I had a weapon to give me comfort in this very uncomfortable situation.  

"Aaron, her boyfriend." Zoe leans down to my ear and fills me in. I nod, and continue to watch them.

"It's almost sunset." Aaron points to the sky, not noticing us, yet. I'm not sure if either of them notice us. I watch his finger, it shakes. Not with happiness of fear, but with excitement. He's excited about the sunset. I tilt my head a little, trying to notice something else that might give off emotion. Nothing. 

Bex nodded, and proceeded to not notice his awkward feel. 

"We could watch the sunset from the tree if you want," She said, and they walked to the tree, hand in hand. I take my eyes off them for a second, to see what made a tapping sound. It is them I see Brynna and Annabeth tapping on the window. They're watching too, and frowning. Why can all of us sense something different about him, but not Bex? Is she under some sort of spell? No, she could't be. Just love. 

Then Aaron's hand leaves hers, and he smirks. A black figure darts across the yard. I'm about to step forward, but Queenie puts her hand on my shoulder, and pulls me back slightly. 

Aaron leans on the tree, smirking and almost laughing. Just sitting back to watch the show. What show, I don't know. The black thing circles her again, but I can't make out what it is. 

"Aaron, what's going on?" She asks, looking around her feverishly. I just stare, not moving. Queenie's rule is simple, we do not move until the sight of danger. 

"Are you pulling a trick on me?" She asks more intently. The thing is still running around her, faster and stronger every time. Aaron doesn't move a bit. Nor does the evil smirk. 

Than another figure, about Queenie's size, comes in from the trees, grabbing Bex's shoulders. Queenie, Zoe, and Tori move in, not running. I stay back, knowing Queenie can't fight and yell at me for moving at the same time. None of the people involved have noticed us yet, and Queenie wants to keep it that way. They move slowly, but I know they'll never make it all the way there at that pace. 

"Who are you?" Bex turns her head towards the man behind her. 

"Flynn." She responds, with the same look as Aaron. 

"What os going on?" No one answers her, again. Then another person, a girl with striking gree eyes and blond hair, appears. This time in front of Bex. 

"My name is Alice." She said coldly. Then the unspeakable happened. 

Suddenly Flynns bleeding arm was forced into her mouth. I watched in horror as my thee sisters, who had not yet even made it half way, starting running. I had no clue what they were doing, but it wasn't good. He forced the blood down her throat. She just looked at Aaron. 

"Why? Aaron, help me please!" She gurgled, some blood still dripping from her mouth along with saliva. Queenie and the others still were unnoticed, but also still not half way. They still had half a mile to go. 

Aaron laughed, and stood a little straighter against the tree.

"Don't you get it Bex? I'm not going to. I never loved you, or even liked you. Thanks to being your boyfriend, I've learned your family's strengths and weaknesses. With the help of my vampire friends, at least." That is it. I broke into full speed, yelling Bex's name, letting her know we were coming. I was way behind, but my knife can travel faster than me. But right now I have to just focus on getting to Bex. 

"What the hell is going on?" Zoe yelled, still running. Giving up on them not knowing we were coming.

"Aaron you little-" Queenie swore, and ran faster. I tried to keep up, but my legs are a least a foot shorter than all of theirs. 

When we were just about to make it to fighting distance, Alice turned. 

"Make one move and you'll regret it!" She yelled, and we stopped, about ten feet from a struggling Bex. 

"What's to gain from all this?" She screamed, trying to shake Flynn off her shoulders. 

"Oh, to make your lived a living hell, really." He smirked even more. Anger rose until I could feel my ears turning red. 

"Your working for the effing Chess Peices!" Bex swore and screamed. By then, basically the entire family was behind us, screaming as well. Brynna must have alerted them. 

Annabeth and Cambie screech, as if they were about to lunge at Aaron. 

"Let her go, NOW!" Uncle Tom and Aunty yelled in unison. Mom just started swearing and cursing everything and everyone. When Alice, Flynn, and Aaron realized we could easily kill them now, vampire or not, Flynn put his hands on each side of Bex's head, and jerked them. A loud crack, probably not as loud to a passerby, but to me a booming sound, ripped the air apart, and Bex fell on the ground, dead. 

Everyone pretty much erupted then, including me. Within seconds, three of my knives we launched at Flynn, who flicked them out of the flesh around his chest as the wounds quickly healed. Damn these vampires. Since Aaron wasn't one, he was dead in only a minute, by Queenie and Aunt Midnight's swords. Tori walked over to me, and handed me a wooded stake with a very sharp end. 

"You throw at Alice, I got Flynn. One..Two...Three!" And we threw, each hitting our targets. She produced only two more stakes, and ordered that we hit them again, just to be sure. I smiled, knowing we'd killed my sister's killer, then I stopped, realizing my sister had been killed. 



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