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My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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56. Ballroom Dancing


"Where are you going?" Topic asks Secrets, as he buttons his suit, which is decorated with gleaming medals.

"A ball," He answers, turning to face her, "look okay?" She doesn't answer the question, just squeals, ringing my ears.

"A BALL? Where? With who? Oh, never mind that! Can I help you get ready?" She screams, not even waiting for an answer before running around him in circles, brushing his fur and straightening his suit.

"A hat maybe?" She says quickly, busying herself with the straightness of his medals.

"I don't have anyone to go with." He says, smiling lightly at Topic's enthusiasm. She throws a pair of shoes at him, and says,

"Put those on!" She then pulls out a box of ties, but even when I leave the room, I can hear her throwing one after another at Secrets, adding little comments about each one. I was never one for dressing up, especially not after the Reaping, which was the last time I wore a dress. I'm actually kind of happy about that, because it gets me out of wearing them from now on.


After the fashion session, we all got in the pool, and Secrets and I played a quick game of volleyball. But then, alas, it was time for his ball.

He walks down the steps, in the same thing he had on earlier, except with a few modifications Topic must have made.

"Kenny, you aren't going?" Tori asks from her bedroom, going through her dresses.

"Um, I guess I will. But I'm not wearing a dress."

"Come on, dress up a bit. I'm not saying a wedding dress, but no tatty jeans, please." Secrets says from the end of the staircase. I shrug.

"Fine. Tori, you're in charge of dressing me."

"Okay!" She comes out in a flattering dress, holding a short, yet classy, top and long skirt in her hands.

"Just a shirt and a skirt, no dress!" She hands it to me, and I change in the bathroom.

(In case you were wondering, this is what I was wearing to the ball)


Secrets leaves, leaving Tori and I to get ready. Topic, who is too young to get in, crawls in front on the TV, and Alex ends up coming with us.

We catch Secrets at the staircase that leads into the ballroom, he's staring at all the people.

"No furries." He mutters, and walks down slowly, sitting alone at a table. At first, I feel like I should leave him alone, but I eventually leave Tori and Alex at the desert table, and join Secrets.

"Hey." He mumbles, looking down.

"Hey. Sorry about, no furries being here."

"It's not your fault." I stand, smoothing my skirt, and laugh, holding my hand out to him.

"May I have this dance, my good sir?" Before he can answer, I see Topic enter, with a snowy white female furry. When she spots us, she runs, dragging the girl behind her.

"Secrets, this is Marissa. Marissa, Secrets." He nods politely, and turns back to me.

"Yes you may, madam. Excuse me ladies, I will return shortly." He takes my hand, and I pull him out on the dance floor. The music is a high pitched, yet slow violin solo. We dance, my head resting on his shoulder, until I break the silence.

"This is...nice. I've never danced with anyone else before." He chuckles, and I feel his chest rise and fall with it.

"I've only ever danced with myself. I practice all the time though. I've been waiting for this."

"Ah, well, you seem to have practiced well." He twirls me, and we laugh.

We stay like that, dancing, for a while. We don't change our speed, even when the music speeds up.

"Kennedy." He whispers, and I look up. He's already staring into my eyes. He doesn't say anything else, but stays with his eyes locked on mine for what feels like forever. I can feel my heart jump, but I choose to ignore it. My mind screams no, I can't fall for him, but everything else is telling me yes. I can't take it anymore, and I slowly lean forward, and kiss Secret' cheek. When I pull away, I can feel the heat rising in him. He's blushing, but his fur is hiding it.

He picks me up, spinning me around, then gently putting me back down. I laugh lightly. He pecks my head, and my heart explodes.

"I wish this could last forever." I whisper, my head taking it's place just under his neck. He rests his head on top of mine.

"It can last forever, why does it have to end?"

"It doesn't."

We dance again, moving with the music, until eventually I have to speak.

"I'm usually not social. I mean, it's different, but nice. Not having to hide or be tough all the time." He whispers back gently.

"You don't have to hide from me And I already know you're tough." We smile at each other, but then, as I think more about it, my smile disappears. What if I hurt him? What if I ruin the family? I put my head back down, trying not to cry at the thought of messing this up too. A single tear runs down my face.

"Shh. Hey, hey what's wrong." He strokes my head, running his fingers through my hair. I take a deep breath, and swallow my tears.

"I just don't want to ruin everything."

"Ruin what? This? You could never ruin this." He keeps stroking my hair until I answer.

"If you don't think I can ruin this, you don't know me. I ruin everything."

"You're dong well so far." I laugh a little.

"I guess." I forget about any regrets I had, and just keep dancing.

"I've never felt this way about anyone before," he says lightly, "always too scared to be rejected for my race. I mean, look at me. I'm a fluffy flea bag with claws and blistering teeth." I take a deep breath, giving me more time to think about what to say next.

"Me neither, but we'll figure it out. And your race doesn't scare me. I'm still here, still dancing. Plus, you didn't pick the prettiest girl either." He stops dancing for a second, and holds each side of my head in his hands.

"But you're beautiful." He mutters, and kisses my lips. Before I know it, I'm kissing back. Moving in sync. I wrap my hands around his neck, standing on my tippy toes just to reach him. He places his hands on my waist, pulling me as close as possible. Nothing runs through my mind. Just the fact I'm kissing him.

When I run out of air, which seems like only a few seconds from when we started, I break the kiss, placing my forehead against his. He picks me up so I don't have to crane to reach him. We stay like that for a while, until I finally say it.

"I love you." I whisper softly. I feel him smile, with my eyes still closed.

"I love you too." He matches my tone, and sets me down gently.

"Shall we go home? I believe Alex and Topic have left. But you know, they aren't going to be letting us share a room after this." I lose myself in the moment, and don't even think before answering.

"Oh, who says we have to listen to them?" I pull him down by his tie, stealing one last kiss, and we lock hands, walking slowly up the stairs and out of the ballroom, into the cold night air. My heart feels lighter than the soft breeze, an I hope it stays that way.

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