Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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41. Apology

Queenie rants some more about how the rules should be followed and what not, I just fiddle with the knife and pretend to listen.

"Are we clear?" I snap my head up.

"Do I get a copy of the rules?" I say sarcastically. She just grunts and walks out. I follow her on deck. Tori sits up as we walk out.

"Queenie?" She asks, folding a piece of paper in her hands. As she turns it over I see it's a photo. I know of only one person Queenie would carry around a photo of the Tori has not already met. It's because he's dead.

"Yes?" Queenie answers taking the wheel of the ship.

"Who's this?" I almost laugh a little at the expression on Queenie's face, and how awkward this is going to be. I figure I should tell her, save Queenie the embarrassment.

"It's Robert!" I yell, smirking. Queenie's eyes meet mine, hers burn with hatred.

"Who's he?" Tori presses on, not know what territory she's passing through.

"He's her-" I start the mocking and teasing, but Queenie cuts me off.

"Kennedy, shut up!" She yells, angry. I've got to get on her good side at some point, but I don't feel like it right now.

"He was my friend, that's all."

"Key word, was." I mutter to myself, grabbing a blanket from the cabin and go back on deck, leaning over the rail, watching the water. Being fro District Four, I've never known anything but water, it's a big part of my life, and it's beautiful.

Next thing I know, Tori comes up beside me.

"Sorry for saving you." She says quietly. I don't want this conversation, but it has to happen eventually. I've never been good at the whole friends thing, or feelings. It's all too girly. Plus, I'm just not the person who goes around like it's all unicorns and rainbows.

"Don't say that, it sounds stupid." I answer. She almost laughs, I think.

"I'm just saying the truth." She shrugs. I really feel out of place here. I try looking to the side to get her to go away, not wanting to make a fool of myself. Finally, I sigh.

"I'm sorry for punching you in the stomach." I say flatly, trying not to show any feeling. She smiles. Great, I've given her leverage to think I forgive her for everything.

"Those things I said about your back, I didn't mean them. You, of all people, could never be weak." I sigh and let out a small laugh.

"Well, you finally got one thing right." I return her smile, "Apologies accepted."

"Oh I wasn't apologizing about calling you weak, I was just saying that it wasn't entirely correct." I almost stomp off. She just doesn't get it, I don't want an apology, I want her to accept that my family isn't a normal one. That she isn't going to just show up and fit in. That she isn't better, or anything close to being as good, to my family. Nobody has told her the stories. I guess that job is mine now. After a while of staring at the sea, I make up my mind.

"Follow me." I whisper and we enter the cabin. Queenie still steering the ship, she doesn't notice.

"Sit." I command. She does as I say, with confusion.

"Why?" She asks, taking the seat. I laugh, looking away.

"You don't know anything, do you?" She shakes her head. I walk toward her at the desk, slamming my hands down on it.

"Well, you're about to know. Listen carefully, save all questions for the end, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times." I say sarcastically. She laughs nervously.

"My dad left when I was a week old. He's been in war overseas ever since. He just got back a few months ago. Okay?" She nods.

"Now, about six months ago Queenie got an assassination contract from the Chess Pieces, an elite group of idiots that are deadly and out to destroy the world or something. Anyway, Aunt Midnight found out and tried to stop her, but Queenie did it. Then the Chess Pieces were after my family. Aunt Midnight and Queenie went to battle them, and I followed. Let's just say a lot of people got killed. After that, Queenie ran away so the Chess Pieces couldn't hurt us. They got her, kept her for a while, and she ended up killing Robert. He was her really good friend until he got mixed up with them. When they captured her, she had to fight him, and she killed him." Tori doesn't react, or speak, just listens intently.

"At that time, both my parents were on vacation. We had to hide in the bunkers downstairs, near the training room. Then Queenie came back, wounded, but strong. Brynna left also, and Zoe was gone for almost a day. Then just when everything was starting to quiet down, the Reaping came." Tori raises her eyebrows. I'm not telling her any of my thoughts on the day, those are for me. I just stay as straight to the point as possible.

"I volunteered, and survived until the last two. It was me and a guy named Lucas. I climbed a tree, but he threw a spear at me. I decided to jump, and that's when I landed on my back and neck. A cannon went off, but it wasn't Lucas's, it was mine. I was knocked out, and in a coma, therefor they thought I was dead. My body was brought home in a box, while the victor spent his days in the Capitol, living the good life. When they took my body out of the box, my family figured out I wasn't dead, and snuck me home. We hid in the bunkers for a few weeks. I woke up about three days after the games ended. Aunt Midnight figured out my back was fractured, and gave me some sort of surgery that included a knife, and excluded any kind of sleeping medicine. She put a splint in, and whatever, then took it out after you got here.  Evelyn has won the games, and all that jazz. The point is, you know nothing of what Queenie, Midnight, or anyone is this family has been through. And no matter how much I tell you, you never will. You weren't there for us, then you show up and think you are. That's why I was mad at you. Now I'm just frustrated." I finish, and stomp out before she can ask any of the questions she had dancing across her face. I didn't tell her about me as much, because I'm used to it. I'm used to being the big girl, doing the dirty work, and still never being acknowledged for it. She wouldn't understand anyway.

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