Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room

My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our messed up family! Great if you love drama and role play!
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58. Almost Perfect Morning

I awake before sunrise, and slip out of Secret's arms, as to not wake him. I've never been held while I slept, nor let anyone hold me, but it felt amazing. I glance back at him one last time before retreating to the training room, grabbing my bow and some arrows. I've mostly been using knives lately, but I get the feel back, firing the arrows at the rubber dummies. I'm in my element again, electrified. I do a few tricks, flipping in the air while shooting, until I hear someone in the doorway.


Used to intruders, I fire at the doorway, seeing Topic at the last second. I pull the bow to the side just in time, the arrow sticking in the wall next to Topic.

"Topic! Sorry, you scared me."

"S-sorry." She mutters.

"You're lucky I saw you, or you'd be dead." I laugh, but she doesn't. She pulls the arrow out of the wall, careful not to damage the shaft.

"Sorry, Kenny." She says again, and tosses the arrow to me, walking out.

"It's fine." I call after her, and continue shooting arrows. The sun still hasn't come up, but I guess I'm used to people being up be now, so I go to check on Secrets.

I stand in the doorway, and watch the blanket over him rise and fall with each breath he takes. I match my breathing to his, watching him sleep happily for almost ten minutes. Then he stirs, his eyes fluttering open. He chuckles when he sees me, mumbling something about a shower and breakfast. I leave him be, to wake himself up. I find Topic and Alex in the kitchen, making a huge feast. Secrets comes in behind me.

"Oh! Yum, yum!" He says, chuckling, and looks to see Topic, who walked out with some melon in her hands.  Secrets follows her, along with Alex. I clean up the mess Topic left when she prepared the feast, and take a quick shower. When I walk out, I realize I don't have any clothes. I sneak in Tori's room, and steal some of her clothes while she's still sleeping. When I get the dark jeans and tee shirt on, I join Alex at the breakfast table, plowing through the food.

Secrets and Topic walk in a few minutes later, a weird expression on their faces, but I don't question it.

"Kenny, thanks for last night, by the way." I chuckle a bit.

"I don't really think I helped much. I probably scared you even more, but you're welcome!" Secrets goes on to take a shower, and Topic sharply turns to me.

"You helped!"

"Fine, fine! I helped! Gosh!" I put my hands up in surrender, and she calms down, laughing. Before she can respond, a loud boom comes from the bathroom.

"Secrets, you okay in there?" Topic calls, walking toward the bathroom door, me close behind.

"I'm fine," he sighs, "Just go!"

"You sure?" She yells through the door. I pull on her shirt.

"I don't think we should-" I start, but Secrets' voice cuts me off.

"Yes Topic!" He sighs again, and I know what he's thinking. It's not going to work out with us.

"Alright, as long as you're okay." I whisper, putting my head against the door, my hand gently touching it, then walk away, Topic trailing behind me.

"I hope he's okay." I mutter to Topic as I hear his claws drag across the wall, and him talking to himself.

"Yeah. Now, melon?"

"I've never tried it, but it sounds good."

"It is! Here!" She hands me a bowl of melon, and I see Secrets enter with fresh clothes Topic made for him.

"Oh," I pop a piece in my mouth quickly, and chew. It explodes, sending a sweet flavor down my throat, "It's good!"

"I know, right?!" She eats some more excitedly. Before Secrets can sit down, the doorbell rings.

"Hold on, I'll get it." Topic and I slowly follow him to the front door, where two police officers stand, talking firmly to Secrets.

"Are you Secrets Shadownight?"

"Yes, that is I. Why do you ask?"

"We were reported last night that a furry in his rough twenties was kissing a girl sustainably younger than he. We have reason to believe it was you, Mr.Shadownight. Can you either confirm or deny this?" Secrets pauses. No, no no no no. They can't. Secrets please say no.

"Yes, I confirm this." He says slowly. The police officer nods to the other.

" Then under the suspicion of pedophilia, we here by arrest you. You don't have to say anything, but anything you do or say may be used as evidence." The other officer quickly grabs his arms and hand cuffs him. I don't think, and neither does Topic, we just lose it. She squeals.

"Secrets! NO!" I take a different tactic, and run to the first officer.

"No, please. It was me, it was me. It's fine." I beg him, but he pushes me away when he sees my knives.

"No, it's fine." Secrets reassures us as they pull him down the driveway. I grab at his hand cuffs, pulling out a knife and banging it against the chains, but another officer pulls me away, and throws me aside in the grass. A bark comes from the yard, and around the house comes a baby furry. I gasp, having never seen it before, and the officers start shooting at us. A bullet hits the furry's heart, and she collapses, dead.

"Lizzie! No!" Topic drops to her knees, trying to heal the already gone furry. I scream as a bullet goes whizzing past my head, and grab Topic's hand, pulling her up.

"Come on! Do you want to get yourself killed?" I scream at her, gripping her hand and dragging her behind me. Suddenly pain shoots up my arm as a bullet hits both Topic and I's hand. We scream from the pain, but I hear Secrets struggling to break free from the cops. He must, because I hear the mech suit start up, and charge down the street. All the officers leave, following Secrets. At first, a tear runs down my face, but as I wrap my bleeding hand in my shirt, I realize what I have to do. I hear one last thing before I disappear into the house.

"I'm sorry, Kennedy." Secrets says from inside the mech suit, still running down the street.

I suit up, re-stocking my belt and pockets with knives and grabbing a bow. I pull on my fingerless leather gloves and leather vest, and run out, and police cars are still parading through the street in front of the house. I dive into the trees lining the road, and run. I run as fast as I can, the mech suit coming closer into view. Topic is following me, I think. I pause, firing an arrow into the heart of a police officer through his open car window. The car spins, cutting off the others behind it.

As soon as I'm running next to the mech suit, still hidden in the foliage, I see a line of cop cars cutting off the street, the officers standing in front, guns drawn, ready to fire. Secrets pauses, which gives me time to bolt between him and the guns. I stand there, slowly pulling a knife out.

"Ma'am, stand aside of we'll have no choice but to fire at you both!" One booms.

"Kennedy! NO!" The mech suit picks me up, shielding me from the bullets. I wrestle my way out, screaming.

"I've done this thousands of times, I can handle it!" Once I hit the ground, I run toward them, firing knives at half the speed that their bullet come at me. One hits my shin, then my shoulder, then my hip. I collapse in pain, but get up again, staggering again, my knives coming out of my hands pathetically. I think I'm about to pass out, but the mech suit grabs me again. I shake, terrified. I see Secrets as he lifts the door. My eyes are wide, and wild with pain and fear. Blood seeps through my clothes.

"Kennedy, just go back to the house! They're after me, not you!" He screams over the sound of bullets hitting the mech suit. I wish it was over already. I scream inside my head, but no words come out of my frozen mouth. I just shake my head 'no'.

"Kennedy, I'm not putting the whole family in danger, especially you. They only want me. Listen, I'm just going to run to the out skirts of the city for a little while."

"I..., " my eyes close a little, "I'll go...with you." I groan.

"Like I said, I'm not putting you in danger!" He sighs a long sigh. I groan again, close to dead, I think.

"I don't can work. I mean, you are five years younger than I, and you're almost my sister! As long as we're together, I will have to run. I'm so sorry." He brings his lips to mine. I don't have the energy to move them, but the kiss is still a kiss. It lasts a few minutes, until he pulls away. Not that I could have.

"I'm going to miss you." He places me in an empty police car, shielded from the fire. Tears roll down our faces. Topic is in the car as well, and starts it. I grip the wheel with all my strength, and press the pedal, speeding home, barley being able to see. Topic begins to heel us, but that doesn't replenish the blood I've lost, just stops the bleeding. I almost pass out, if it weren't for Topic, who talks to keep me awake. But, just as I know we're close to home, everything goes black.

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