Not so new

It's Valentines day and even though Anna's not that bothered. This new boy might just change her mind.


8. Doorbell

So we have a plan now, i am not looking forward to actually carrying it out but, at least its a start. I've invited Dan for a takeaway round mine. My brain is telling me this whole thing is moving wayyyy to fast but my heart... well lets just say my hearts pretty eager. I am currently sitting on the sofa in my lounge half heatedly finding something appropriate to watch on Netflix. But maybe he'll want to choose... I better make it very clear that this is no Netflix and Chill situation. My mum will literally be in the next room the whole time. FUDGE.

I have cleaned the whole room and lit a cinnamon candle (yes i know its no longer Christmas but it smells so damn good). But what if Dan hates cinnamon? He might hate Chinese food or... *gasp* what if he hates pizza. I think Id have to end it straight off if Pizza was off the table. I just realised... I don't know anything about Dan. I don't know his favourite colour, food, drink, holiday destination. What he wants to do when he leaves our only similarity, school. What was I getting myself into? He could be a criminal for all I know. Wow, if my younger self could see me know she'd *DING DONG* FUDGE!

I open the door and there he is, "Dad! Uh, hey? I didn't know you were coming round today." 

"Well I thought I'd surprise you! Come on get your stuff I'm taking you out to dinner." 

I'm sitting on my bed wondering how on earth this could've happened. When I do actually get to see my dad, I love it. He's a police Officer (I know annoying right) and so normally works some horrendously anti social hours which means I don't normally see him much, well that and my parents don't actually live together any more. Oh My God, mums still down the stairs, if she see's my dad in the kitche... "RODGER!" 

Well I guess she found out.


Attempting to keep the peace in my house when both parents are in one room is no easy job. 

"Im taking out daughter to dinner"

"You cant just turn up like this"

"I can do what I like in my own neighbourhood"

"Ex Neighbourhood, where you EX - wife and EX - house are"

"I'm the one who was raised here Ebony, not you"

I had to but in: "dad, thanks so much for the offer, like I really appreciate and would love to go out and eat with you"


"but I cant"

"She wants to...what? What do you mean you can't? I'm sorry that me and your mum argued, maybe i should've rang but i'm sure she wont mine you..."

"Actually surprisingly enough this isn't about you, either of you. i have plans tonight. With a friend"

"Tris? Well I'll tell you what, I'll take you both out!" My mum just laughed and I wish I had her confidence. My dad, being an officer, would not like this. His daughter dating someone he know nothing about, oh the horror! "No this is a new friend dad, i met him the other day at school, he just moved here from..uh.."

"A boy? Well, um... why didn't i know about this? Ebony?"

"This has nothing to do with me Rodger, I only found out today, which is why I asked him to come to dinner so I could meet him."

"Right, well whats his surname? i might have heard of him?"

"Uh its Dan, Dan..."

*DING DONG* Literally saved by the bell. I didnt want to admit to either parent, or myself if i'm honest. I didn't know dad's last name...

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