A poem about love for the Love is in the air competition for Valentines Day.


1. Love

The fourteenth of February brings a wonderful opportunity

To openly profess your love to others

With cards and hearts and chocolate,

With flowers and teddy bears and hugs because …


Love is perfect;

It can be given and received

Making so many people feel pleased.

It will always be there, even if not visible.


Love is red;

As bright as the summer sunshine,

Shining like a shooting star

And blameless for eternity.


Love is pure;

As soft as a plush velvet cushion,

As sweet as pearly crystals of sugar.

Nothing can compare to the greatest love of all.


Love is wise;

It prompts you to protect,

To open up to your friends

And to your family too.


Love never dies;

Once you’ve found true love nothing will be the same,

It is the strongest emotion of all; the opposite of hatred.

You’ll do anything for love.


Love lasts forever;

It is deeper than any ocean

And capable of ripping your heart from your body.

It’s a commitment greater than any you’ve ever known.


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