Blind Love

Nadia and Louie meet at their local youth club for troubled teenagers. Louie's parents are criminals, never in and constantly in and out of prison. Nadia comes from a poor background, but has another major difficulty: she's blind. When these two sixteen year-olds find each other, can love turn their lives around?
*Awesome cover by Lily Anna Nightshade*


3. Nadia

"Mum, I'm ho-ome!" I shout from the freezing porch.

"Hello! How are you? How was youth club?" Mum's voice is cheery as always, making me smile.

"It was fine, I...didn't do much." I lie, grinning at the memories of Louie and the practice room.

"Well, at least you enjoyed it, eh? Anyway, you go get yourself up to your room, lovie." I nod and cautiously count my way to the stairs. When I reach them, I take a step and carry on up the staircase until I reach the flat part at the top.

Mum wanted me to have my bedroom downstairs, but I said no, because I want to have it how most other people do, I just want to manage my life like any other person, you see?  So it's still upstairs.

Groping for the door handle, I finally reach it and twist it round. I hear the door creak as it opens and I walk into my room. 

In my house, I know which room is which because my Mum put a different material on each room's floor. For example, my bedroom has thick, fluffy carpet, whereas my Mum's bedroom has short, smooth carpet. The kitchen has wood, the bathroom tiles, the living room slightly-squishy linoleum and so on. My Mum is amazing. Since I became blind, she has done absolutely everything she can to make my life good. She works as a nurse at the local hospital, so we have plenty of income to spend on necessary gadgets for me. 

Lying in my bed, my thoughts turn from my mum to other things. Or more specifically, Louie. I just can't stop thinking about him; he's the only person apart from family who takes me for a friend, instead of 'the poor, blind girl'. But then again, I swear I've heard his voice before, swear I've met him somewhere else in the past. And my brain is telling me it wasn't somewhere good...


"Oh, there you are Nad! I've been sitting around for ages wondering if you'd died or something!" It's Louie. Youth Club is on every night, so we see each other then. I'm late today, though.

"Sorry, I know. I got caught up reading." 

"Reading...but...not to be blunt, you can't read..." I shake my head, laughing.

"No, no, I mean an audio book." 

"Oh! Of course, yeah. I see now!" Smiling, I reach out and feel his hand take mine. Slowly, he leads me to the practice room, where we sing until it's time to leave. Walking home, I listen to his voice, desperately trying to hear it in my memories, somewhere. And I can feel it coming, I just need to wait.

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