Cant Beat His Beat

I walked into the recording studio for the first time. I brushed my multi colored hair out of my face. I got on the elavator and went upstairs. I walked down the hall and heard the sound of drums, guitars, basses, etc. There was one beat that stood out though. I walked into my recording session and saw them, Black Veil Brides. The beat was coming from my idol, Christian Coma! I saw black and fell to the floor.


3. Who is he with

The next morning I woke up to CC and Jake wrestling on the floor. I looked up at Andy. How is he still asleep? "CC, Jake stop!" I whispered yelled shaking my head. They stopped, looked at me, and then started again, "You two are like children!" They rolled over Ashley, waking  him up. 

"Cmon guys!" He whined. I got up and grabbed their hair. 

"Ow ow ow ow!" They said. Ash fell backwards laughing and I shot him a glare. 

"Sorry mom!" He joked. I shook my head and heard Andy's deep voice.

"What are you doing babygirl?" He asked sleepy.
"Well I was trying to avoid waking you up! Also, where's Jinxx?" We looked around. "JINXXXX? MYSTIC???"  We heard groaning and Jinxx slid down the stairs. "Were you sleeping on the stairs?" 

"Don't ask!" Is all he said and then he went to the kitchen, his hair like Einstein. I sat on the couch next to Andy and immediately he pulled me on his lap. He kissed my bare shoulders making me giggle. 

"Be my girlfriend." 

"What?" I said looking in his blue orbs.

"Be my girlfriend please?" I smiled at him and kissed him. He kissed me back passionately. CC got up and stomped into the kitchen with Jinxx. Andy gave me the What-I-do look. I shrugged. I got up and followed him. 


"What?" He looked at me like he wanted to kill someone. 

"What's wrong?" I placed my hand on his shoulder. He pushed it away.

"It pisses me off that he has a girlfriend and he's trying to be with you! That's cheating!" 

"ANDY!" I called. He came running in the room. 

"What? What's wrong Kell?"  

"Christian just told me you have a girlfriend!" 

"Who Juliet or Scout? No Scout and I broke up and me and Juliet were never dating ever! Why are you lying Ceece?" He looked hurt. 

"When did you Scout break up?" 

"Two years ago you freaking knew that!" 

"No I didn't actually!" He threw his hands up in surrender. Andy did same.

"Well I am not talking about my bitch ex who cheated on me!" 

"Andrew!" I but in. I walked up to him and layed my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist. "Relax baby."

"Sorry Kellin," he whispered softly. 

"It's okay, but please calm down," I walked away and stopped at the doorway, "Both of you." 


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