Cant Beat His Beat

I walked into the recording studio for the first time. I brushed my multi colored hair out of my face. I got on the elavator and went upstairs. I walked down the hall and heard the sound of drums, guitars, basses, etc. There was one beat that stood out though. I walked into my recording session and saw them, Black Veil Brides. The beat was coming from my idol, Christian Coma! I saw black and fell to the floor.


5. Party Time

~Kellins POV~

I kissed Andy's lips before I got up to shower. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water so it would warm up. I got undressed and hopped in. I saw some girlier hare care products. I put some body wash in my hand and scrubbed my body a lot. I hadn't showered in two days.I rinsed off and started to wash my hair. I turned off the water after rinsing and got out.

I wrapped a towel around me and Andy came in. He started to undress and got in the shower. I got out Andy's hair dryer and turned it on. I ran my fingers through my wet hair. When it was dry, I straightened it and put some hair gel in for volume. I did my eyeliner heavy and put on dark red lipstick.

 I got out as Andy came out of the shower. I changed into a black minidress and combat boots. Andy came out in a towel, his long black hair dripping. He change into white skinny jeans and a black tee shirt. He put on some black boots and a bandana. He did his hair and put on some black eyeshadow. I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed tightly. "Trying to kill me?" He chuckled. 

"Maybe," I giggled. He kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled. 

"GUYS TIME TO GOOO!!" Jake yelled from downstairs. We walked down and put on our leather jackets. We all got into Jinxx's car and squeezed in. I sat on Andy's lap. 


We got to the party and immediately Jake went crazy and so did CC. I walked in the house and saw nothing but flashing lights. There were people everywhere. Andy gripped my hand tightly making sure everyone knew I was his. We pulled away from the crowd and went to a corner, "This is awesome!" I had to yell. 

"Yeah, just be careful ok?" He said. 

"Yes sir!" I said saluting him.  

A couple hours later the boys were drunk off their asses! Including Andy. CC wasn't though. I walked upstairs to find Andy and caught him kissing another girl! "ANDREW DENNIS BIERSACK!" I yelled. He ignored me. I felt the tears swell up. I ran out of the house. 


Kellin ran past me crying. I ran after her. She got in the car and I followed, "Kellin, relax, relax. Tell me what's wrong ok?" I said worried. 

"Andy was kissing another girl!" She sobbed. Damn you Andy! 

"Look at me," I said turning her eyes to mine, "everything's gonna be ok Kellin." 

"No it's not!"  I brought into my arms and held tightly. 

"Yes it is. You know why?" Time to tell her.

"Why?" She looking at me. I kissed her lips. She  fought me at first and then gave in. I pulled away.

"Because I love  you," I kissed her again. She pulled away.  

"CC, I love you too!" She kissed me again, hard. 

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