Cant Beat His Beat

I walked into the recording studio for the first time. I brushed my multi colored hair out of my face. I got on the elavator and went upstairs. I walked down the hall and heard the sound of drums, guitars, basses, etc. There was one beat that stood out though. I walked into my recording session and saw them, Black Veil Brides. The beat was coming from my idol, Christian Coma! I saw black and fell to the floor.


4. Beside You



Kellins POV


I woke up to the sunlight in my eyes and strong arms around my waist. I look up and see Andy with his mouth slightly open and light snores coming from him. I got up and walked to the lounge. 

I seen CC on the couch. "What you doing". I said while slamming my body on the seat beside him. "I'm...just thinking". I looked at him. He was thinking alright. He was looking at the floor biting his bottom lip. Oh shit. Not te lip bite. 

"A-about what". I say hesitating. "You".

"Wait. Why me". I looked at him confused. "I don't want you to get hurt. Andy can become a jerk at any moment". I lift up his head. "Hey. I'll be fine. If I need anything your the first person I would come to". I smile and walk to mine and Andy's room. I seen Andy on the bed with his eyes shut. 

I walk over and get on top of him. "Andy". He just lays there like he's dead. I  started kissing under his jaw. I little groan escaped his mouth. "Wake up". I dead him out of bed and we walked in the lounge. The boys were playing COD. CC was STILL in his thinking mode. I laugh. 




Kellins going to get hurt. And when she does I'm there for her and to beat Andy's ass. 

Andy and her come walking down the stairs. I watch the guys play COD. "Are you guys going to the party tonight". Jake said while getting up. "Ya". Kellin says while sitting down next to me. A little smirk proped up on my face. 

Shes so gorgeous. I would do anything for her. Anything. 

I really wished she was mine. Andy sat down beside Kellin and started kissing her jaw line. I got up and went to the kitchen. I sat at the table thinking about Kellin. She's perfect. She would be all I ever asked for. 


Co-Authors Note (Co-A/N). 

Short chapter. Sorry about that. Updates are soon. Sorry to leave you hanging at the end. 




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