Errr, i don't know

OMG speak of the devils" Tiffany squealed as 5 boys turned the corner entering the hall. All of them chatting but not looking like a conversation more like they were planning something as they turned they walked down everybody cleared in there path like in a movie." Luke, brad, fancy a bit of fun?" Asked James with a smirk on his face


2. lunch


I walked into the lunch hall with Christie because I had chemistry with her. I quickly scanned the room until my eyes fell upon Tiffany running up in our direction." Where are the boys?" I asked as she was all alone." Oh they all got detention" she replied." Oh ok, that was so funny" I said still in the topic of the lads prank. Tiffany and Christie both laughed and we sat down with our lunch.

After about 10 mins someone but there hands over my eyes." Guess who?" Said James, I know by his voice." Jesus" I yelled randomly." No it's James" said James putting on a pout. I giggled and he sat next to me and Brad sat on the other side whilst Luke sat on the opposite side with tiff and Christie." So what did the teacher say" asked Christie." Well the teacher was mrs green" said luke with a grin on his face." Oh that's the one who has the sweats for brad" said Tiffany and I laughed." Yeah so she let us of pretty easy, told us not to do it again then gave brad a cheeky grin" said James." She doesn't have the sweats for me she just likes me as a student" brad wined.

We were all chatting when the five boys walked into the hall but this time nobody even flinched. The boys looked shocked at there failed reaction. One of them with slightly curly her nudged the tanned one and pointed in are direction. " James them boys are pointing at you" I said. James looked up and then went back to eating his lunch." Oh yeah" he said casually." That's it, your not slightly worried about what they might do" said Tiffany."Come on, those guys would be easy to take down" said Luke. They all nodded. I looked back and seen one of them walk over. He was really good looking, a bit of stubble, slightly tanned skin and a brown combover." Dude" he said hitting James on the arm. James turned." Oh hi, how are you?" Said James." Cut the shit" said the boy." What is with you boys and your foul mouthes" said brad and the whole table laughed. The boy standing gave him an evil look and we all shut up." You will pay for what you did this morning" said the boy." Look, what's your name?" Asked James." Louis" 'Louis' said. " yeah ok, look louis, I don't give a fuck so if you wouldn't mind leaving me and my friends to just get on, then that would be great" said James. After that louis just walked away in frustration. James was the biggest tease I have ever met but I know that it will get him in trouble one day

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