how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


10. chapter 9

laura's p.o.v:

we left the room after laughing about the narry bromance (sorry i'm a narry shipper) we first went to eat because we didn't have breakfast so we went to a cute restaurant it was really nice i had a sandwich with cheese and salad and eggs when we finished i wanted to pay for myself but harry was faster and paid for me 'harry i can pay for myself you know thats why i work' 'i know but i wanted to pay' and i guess niall also did it by ashley because she was blushing i chuckeld at my bestfriend she glared at me and we went of we showed everything we knew of amsterdam and we had alot of fun and me being my clumsy self i fell over aand when i tought i was going to hit the ground i was gaught i looked up and saw it was harry, i blushed like a tomato and got up 'thanks haz' i said 'haz? thats a long time ago that someone called me that' he said i looked at him whit a confused look 'tell you later but i think we have to run because fans saw us!!' i looked behind me and then harry grabed my arm and we ran to the other way. 'quick here' i said they looked at me like i was a creep 'i know this part of amsterdam really good just follow me' i said ashley nodded and we run in and we took left then right and then left and we hide behind a trashcan and heard a lot of foot steps go by, when they we're away we breathed out not knowing we hold it in i begon to laugh and they also we got up and walked back to the hotel where a very angry paul was waiting 'are you guys insane!!!!' he yelled 'you could've get hurt' he said in a sort of normale tone 'we're sorry paul we just wanted to have some fun and she knows amsterdam out of her head so no worries' harry said well patting my hat i glared at him and he jsut smiled. 

when we finally got back to the roomafter a speech about not going out there without bodygaurds we sa on the chouch and talked about a lot of thing and to get to know ech other better it was really fun and then my phone went of and saw it was my sister i clickt the green button and took it to my ear while i walked out of the room 

( l= laura e=eva (sister) )


L: hey eef whats up??

E: where are you mom is going nuts 

L: i told her i was out with friend give her to me please 

E: okay wait a sec 

i heard my sister scream to my mom that i was on the phone 

(l=laura m= mom)


she yelled so hard that you hat to get the phone away from your ear 

L: i told you i was out with friends

M: well i left a lot of text messages and you didn't anwsert it

L: because i didn't got them do you don't have to blame me 

M: do not speak to me like that young lady now come home 

L: no i was having fun with my friends so i'm not coming home bye mom

i hung up and got back to the room they looked at me and saw in there eyes that they heard the conversation, i sighed and sat next to harry and tears begon to spill over when harry hugged me from the sight so that my hat was in his chest and i begon to cry harry shused me and when i was done crying i was really tired and he took me to his bed and lide me down 'i wake you up when we're going to dinner'he said 'wait we're going out ' 'yes why?' 'well i have nothing to wear' 'i buy something' 'but you dont know my taste' 'thats why ashley is coming with me' he chuckeld you blushed and closed your eyes when you felt him kissing your head you smiled and went to sleep 

*********(skip sleeping)

'laura wake up' you heard someone say ' five more minutes' 'if you take that you dont have time to shower anymore'alright i get up' you said and walked like a zombie to the bathroom and looked around and tought this isn't my bathroom and then evrything came back from a few our a go you shiged and stript down and got in the shower 

(i'm lazy so skip th shower) 

i got out the bathroom with a towel around my body and saw the most beautiful dress lying on the bed you smiled and put it on then ashley came in and smiled and sat me down on the bed and did my hair and make up and i did hers we didn't have to talk because we knew what we wanted to say so it didn't matter 

we we're ready and got out of harry's room and saw the boys they looked at us and there mouths almost touched the ground 'close you mouths guys or you will catch flyes' i said and we went out of the hotel room and saw the other boys ready and also eleanor, perrie and sophia were there you looked at ashley who looked like she's about to scream so you laughed at her the boys turned around to see why i was laughing and they also laughed and ashley blushed when we were done laughing we got out of the hotel and in the van we hat to got in two vans because we were with to much people 


a/n: hey guys so like i promised another chapter hope you like it and i try to update again soon love you xx

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