how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


9. chapter 8

a/n: hey guys first thank you for the 118 views i hope you like it so far and second i'm sorry i didn't updated in a while but i had it really busy with what happens in my life right now so i'm going to try to update more in this month but i cant promis but i'll try alright back to the story love you xx

harry's p.o.v:

i woke up and saw i had a text i looked at it and saw it was from laura i smiled, i texyed her back and i went to check on niall because i has sometimes those nightmare's i don't know what they are because he won't tell but only i know it thats why we told paul that we wanted to have a room together at each hotel, i saw niall sleeping peachefull and went back to my room and texted laura and she said she would come over so i went to go shower when i heard niall screaming i run to his bed and saw him doing his happy dance that i didn't see in a long time 'well somebody is happy'i said niall jumped up and looked at me 'got harry you scared the shit out of me' 'sorry but why are you so happy' 'well you know that girl next to laura?' 'yeah whats up with her?''well she's coming over to show me around amsterdam!!' 'good for you niall maby she is your princess' 'i hope so' i lett him change when i went to the shower ( skip the shower i'm lazy) i got out and changed when my phone went off and saw it was laura i took it 

 ( H is harry and L is laura)

H: hey babe 

L: hey harry we are standing in front of the hotel but a security gaurd will not let us in 

H: okay give him and let me talk to him i think it's mark he's always like that 

L: okay see you soon 

( h= harry g= gaurd)

H: let them treu they are not like the other fans

G: are they coming for you and niall?

H: yes 

G: okay the're coming up

H: alright bye

G: bye

i hung up and sat on the chouch and yelled to niall 'the girls are coming up!' 

'shit i'm not ready' i hear him yell i chuckeld at his stumbling and then i heard a knock 'just say i'm on the toilet i'm almost done'i hear niall scream at me i laughed and opent the door i saw laura and the girl she was with at the concert i let them in and i said to the girl 'niall is on the toilet so you have to wait a bit' 'i bet you had to say that because he isn't ready' ' did you know' 'lets say i'm a directioner so i know a lot more then you think' 'okay well nice to meet you....' 'Ashley' 'well nice to meet you Ashley and yes your right he isn't ready' 

laura laughed god i already love her laugh 

we talked a bit and then niall came out looking good i got to know that laura and ashley narry fans are so i did a narry action 

'well aren't you looking good for our date niall' niall looked confused but then he got it and played along 'yes harry are you ready i'm sorry girls but you can go together to some where because i dont want a dubble date'he said and kissed my cheeck 'oh niall you cheecky boy' i said in a gay tone i looked over at the girls and they we're laughing there hads off when they we're calm again we got up and went to explore Amsterdam 


A/N: he guys hope you liked it for now because i'm going to sleep i'm tired and again i think sorry for the bad english because i'm from holland and i'm still learning things love you xx

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