how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


8. chapter 7

Laura P.O.V

i woke up with a screaming ashley next to me 'ashley shut up will you??' but she didn't stop so I looked at her and saw that she was screeming with her eyes shut 'not again' i tought, you see ashley gets these nightmares a lot and she still didn't tell me why so i woke her up she screamt the last time and she woke up with a heavy breathing she begon to cry 'sssh ashley it's alright it was just a nightmare'i said and she became to calm down 'again the same nightmare'i asked 'yes' 'would you please tell what it was' (a/n: i started a new fanfiction and i'm just gonna say something about it here and there can you read what happend to her and why she did it) 'alright. i had a really good friend before i met you and she lived in wolverhampton were she was friends with liam and when i left she only had liam and when he left for x factor and one direction she was beeing bullied because nobody at her school was a directioner or they didn't believe here that she was really good friends with him because they didn't go to the same school she had it so hard and her parents wern't the nicest people so she had nobody anymore we skyped all the time but every word i said about she was worth living she didn't believe it so she hung herself and it waas the day i was flying to her so her parents let me in and i want to her room and saw her in the middel of the room and i always see her write the letter i found and she her hang herself but when thats done i see her say i'm  sorry that you had to see it but i'm still alive come look for me and then i wake up before i can ask her something.' 'I'm sorry' we both jumped at my and hers ringtone we looked at eachother and laughed we walked over to our phone and saw that harry texted me back; 'hey it was really amazing to meet you last night we sould hang out today because is my last day in Amsterdam so what do you say??' i texted back; 'okay were do you want to meet' 'at my hotel?' 'alright wich hotel is it??' 'you don't know it??' 'no i'm not a fan remember' 'right well it's the.......'    (don't know it sorry) 'okay i'll be there in a hour' 'so long? 'yes i have to get dressed and stuff and then i have to go to amsterdam because i live just in a city near it' 'ooh okay see you in a hour xx' i readed that message like 10 times 'did he just put xx behind it??' i tought 'what let me see' ashley asked 'let waht see' 'you said it out loud now let me see' 'okay..' i let it see to her she took my phoen and i knew she was reading the whole conversation so i walked to my closet and looked what i could were i took a black tshirt with 'bitch please i'm fablouse' on it and my black skinny jeans that i wear at my job but i don't have to work this week so my mom will wash it before i have to work again. I didn't have to bother that my sister would yell at me or something because she was on school it's may right now and i was in my last year so i don't have school anymore until i hear if i'm greduated or not (sorry for my bad english i live in holland so i'm still learning it)  i walked down stairs to see a note on the fridge 'hey honey i'm at my work right now so everything is in the fridge have a great day love you xx mom and dad ps. we have to tell you and your sister something tonight x' i looked in the fridge and saw we had eggs so i took 4 of them and made a crubled egg for me and ashley 'smells good' she said when she walked downstairswe ate and talked about things that came on our mind and then it was time for me to go 'what are you gonna do today??' i asked her 'well i wanted to ask you if i could drive with you to the boys hotel because niall invited me ' 'okay well lets go then' i said happlly we walked to my car and drove to the boys hotel we walked in adn we were hold back by the security 'we're do you girls think your going??' 'our friends invited us to chill today i can call one of them if you want' 'okay' 'yerk'i tought i looked the number from harry and called him ( H is harry and L is laura)

H: hey babe 

L: hey harry we are standing in front of the hotel but a security gaurd will not let us in 

H: okay give him and let me talk to him i think it's mark he's always like that 

L: okay see you soon 

i gave my phone to him and he talked to harry and he ended the phone call and let us trough we tanked him and walked strait to the lift and to the floor of the boys harry said it was room 444 so i went there and so did ashley so i looked at her and she said 'Niall said his room was 444' so did harry i think they share it' i said and knocked on the door

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