how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


7. chapter 6

laura P.O.V

we were driving home and ashley and eva were crazy about the concert 

"SHUT UP" i yelled "laura whats wrong we're just talking about the concert not about that stupid boy in class" "really your saying that infront of my sister who doesn't know that? and i said it because i'm doen with that stupid concert" "oh okay we will stop talking about it" 'thank you" the rest of the ride home was silents only the radio was playing about something that happend with the rain in brazil or something (i know there is no rain in brazil but i didn't know anything else) we we're home and dad was home so we walked in and he stood up "hey girls how was the concert??" i was about to speak when my sister begun to speak "it was really amazing and harry....." i didn't want to hear it all over again so i walked upstairs with ashley and we sat on my bed and she begun talking about how hot niall was and stuff i zoomed off and looked in my purse and saw the number of harry so i took my phoen and sent him a message:

( H= harry L=laura i'm to lazy) 

L: hey harry it's laura

"who are you texting??" ashley asked "just harry he gave me his number" "nice"she and winked at me i laughed "i'm going to sleep so see you tomorrow" älright i'm going to sleep soon but not now" "okay goodnight" "night" she went to sleep and i was about to see a movie when my sister walked in "i saw that harry gave his phone number to you" "and??" "can i have it also??" "no" "why not??" "because i dont think that harry would like it that i gave his number to a fan who can say it to her friends and then is phone number is online" "your such a bitch you know" "i know thats why i'm your sister" she walked off and i grabbed my purse and took the paper were the number on stood and hide it in my room because i knew she's gonna look for it. i went to bed and fell in sleep with harry on my mind 

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