how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


6. chapter 5

 harry p.o.v

before the show we thought let`s prank the fans with what we did in the movie with Niall, but he didn`t want to do it again so now it my turn. when I was done with the make-up and stuff I began first no one recognized  me but a little bit at the end a fan recognized me. but she wanted to scream so I covert her mouth and her sister I think said 'you can take your hand of my sisters mouth please' I toke my hand of her mouth and she started to giggle i rolled my eyes because i hatedfans like that hwo are to over your face and stuff so i started tontalk to the sister and she was very nice she told me she hated us and she didn't want to tell me why then i had to go back so i could change before the show so i said bye and gave them backstage passes but they already had them so it didn't had to any more she was really sweet and i don't know her to well but i think i like her. The boys were ready and so was i after a long time ( after the show ) 'thank you amsterdam you were amazing ' i screamt and we run of the stage when we got back the girls wern't there yet so we had time to shower and have a little chat when the girls came niall looked at the girl next to laura and i tink he likes her already good for him he needs it we talked a lot with ashley (thats her name i think ) and eva but laura was in a coner on her phone i walked to her and she had earphones in so i thook them out 'heey what the he.. oh it's you, what do you want??' 'Someone is grumpy tonight' i joked 'oh you gonna play funny??' We laught and we talked a bit then ashley called her and took her outside the room niall came to me and said:' you like her don't you??' 'Yeah i think i like her a lot' ' don't go to fast harry you know what happend last time and i think she's very senitive' 'how do you know that??' 'Because i talked to ashley duh' he said and walked with sass  away i laught about that and they came back we talked a bit more and then paul came and said they had to go so we signed stuff and by her i gave her my number and wrote: call me. She looked up at me and i gave her a wink he blussed and said bye then they walked out and the boys gave me a rugby tackel and i laught then paul came so we had to go to the hotel we talked about the concert in the care when we came in the hotel i was really tired so i said goodnight to everybody and fell in sleep with laura on my mind






hey guys i'm realy really sorry about not updating but my laptop broke down so i couldnt update i promis i'm going to update soon again love you all xxx

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