how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


5. chapter 4

I heard a lot of screaming from outside the car ' I hope they have earphones for me' : I thought 

when we where in the line for the tickets my sister started to sing with the other directioners and I just put my headphones on so I can't here them.

finally it was our turn, my sister gave the tickets and where trough were on our seats when a guard came to sit next to me, he stared to talk to me and I listened to what he was saying and then my sister spoke ´you know that your voice is similarly to the voice of harry, and that Niall did this to but not in Amsterdam, so...... your Harry Sty....´ she could not make her sense of because there was a hand at her mouth to be clear it was harry´s hand ´don´t say my name out loud because then it´s not funny any more the most fans don´t noticed that it´s my but you only did´ ´alright but can you take your hand of my sisters mouth please´: I said when I rolled my eyes, 'so if your not a fan why are you here then??"well that's easy I had to go with my sister because I have to drive here back home and my mom don't want me to drink after I drop her here what I was planning before i had to go with here and I brought here with me to a green day concert so I had to"well that's stupid I like to drink to but that's at the after party' 'yeah but you don't have a mom who is overprotective at her youngest child': I said and he nodded 'I have to go and chance for the show she you later, oh do you guys have backstage passes??'yes why"well then i see you guys after the show you are the only one that's why'he said and walked of. 'OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! where the only one how got to meet one direction' she yelled but not to loud because when the other directioners here it they gonna steal them from us wich i don't care but my sister and Ashley they do. me and ash were talking with each other and my sister was talking to a directioner next to here. and then the lights where of and the screaming started and I did earphones in so it was less louder and I have to stand because when I'm on a concert I'm not gonna sit. when they came up harry saw us and winked at me I thought I was grazy but I't really happened because my sister wend crazy because of it

(after the concert)

'thank you Amsterdam you where amazing to night we love you': I think Louis yelled and they went of everyone went outside but were waited just a minute so it was a little quieter and we went to the back stage door and showed or backstage passes and went in we where meet by harry and we followed him to the room where the other boys where , my sister went crazy but not so crazy as other fans just a little scream and we sit down Ashley sat next to Niall and  my sister sat next to Louis and I sat on the other couch on my right harry and on my left Liam and Zayn was in a seat calling with his girlfriend Perrie I think. we where talking for a while when harry asked why I didn't like them then all the faces where on my and I said:'well I don't like the style of your music and I don't like boy bands' 'and she don't want to like music what I like': my sister said 'that's not true Eva': I almost yelled because she always made that up and I think I have a little crush on Harry what i'm not gonna tell my sister of course bur I think Ashley already noticed that because she looked at me like we need to talk right now so I got up and excused my self and went outside followed by Ashley and she stared: you have a crush on harry don't you"maybe "just admit it"al right fine yes but just a little bit I just know him"I knew it Niall said to me he saw on harry he liked you to so he's gonna try something I think'and she walked back and so did I I sat next to Harry an Liam again and everyone was laughing at something Louis said and then Paul came in and said we had to go and we took fast pictures and the sign things when I took it from harry it had a phone number on it and there stood 'call me x' and I looked in harry's eyes and I saw a sparkling in his eyes and then we said by to everyone and went back to the care and drove of.




A/N: hey guys I'm so sorry for not publish anything but I was really busy with school and stuff and I think there's gonna be a co righter because I can't do this on my one love you guys xx

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