how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


3. chapter 3

when I got home i found my mom standing at the front door looking really angry 'she told it to mom' i thought

'do you really have to be so mean to you sister at school': she yells

'I don't want  to talk about a concert where I'm forced to go too': I said calmly 

'you going to your sisters room and apologize to you sister'

'please let me say it in the living room her room is really scary with all these posters of them'

'al right but you have to apologize you know that'

'yeah yeah, I know'

I go to the living room and wait for my sister to come out of her room with red puffy eyes ( fake of course) ' I'm sorry I was so mean to you at school': I say so my mother can hear it and then I whisper : 'but you don't have to overact'

I walk of to my room and sit on my bed and put my headphones on and stared listen to Thirty  Seconds To Mars. then when the song From yesterday is over my sister come's in my room and throw some clothes on my bed 'what's this' 'the clothes you gonna where tonight'

I look at  the clothes and there are things on like:' I love one direction' 'no no no no no no no NO I'm not gonna where that': I say ' al right then I tell mom what you said in my hear when you where apologizing to me' 'al right I where them but don't think I'm gonna scream with you when they come on the stage' 'that's fine I have Ash to scream with me' 

(skip the day until the concert)

when were outside the house of ash we where in a fight because I din't whore the t-shirt she gave's me 'I'm not gonna where that stupid t-shirt I'm not even a fan so that's why' 'I can call mom any minute and then we have to go home and you have to apologize with her next to you' 'but your not gonna call because you gonna miss one direction and that is what you really don't want to happen right' 'STOP IT RIGHT NOW': ash shouted 'I'm really done with you two how fight the hole time' 

we where silence after she said that 'right where going to have a night with out a fight am I clear??' 'yes you are': me and my sister said at the same time 'good let's ride before we are going to be to late for them

the care ride was silence and we arrived and we saw really a lot of directioners for the arena 

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