how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


12. chapter 11

laura's p.o.v:

the next day i was really tired we watched movies all night and a lot more and now me and ashley are still in the hotel with the boys but they fell asleep when we started to watch captian america, "i think i'm also gonna sleep ash" i said she nodded and also closed her eyes leaning on niall, i was to tired to walk to a bed so i leaned on harry and fell asleep...


-few hours later-


i woke up from wispering but i wanted to listen to what they were saying

"you really like her dont you??" i hear harry ask someone "yeah but its really hard because i'm still with dani and i love her too so i dont know what to do" i hear i think liam said "this is not something for me to hear" i tought and i started to move a bit to look like i"m just waking up, ''morning'' i said ''hey laura''liam said and stood up '' i'm going to shower'' he said and walked to his room ''whats up with him he looked sad'' "let's just say he likes two girls and dont know who to choose'' owh


i stood up and looked for ashley when i saw her in the kitchen i started to walk to her when i was pooled back and landed on someone i looked up and saw it was harry "why did you do that??"i asked "because i wanted to now you can go"he said smirking i looked at him and you could see the dimples in his smirk, i stood up and walked to the kitchen and saw ashley and niall talking about something so this was my change to scare ashley. i walked behind her and niall saw me and i put my finger on my lips to say te be quiet to him he smirked and went back to the conversation stood behind ashley and yelled in her ear she screamed bloody murder i feelon the ground from laughing and so did niall and harry "that was not funny laura" ashley screamed at me but then started to laugh. "SHIT" i yelled when i tought of the note my mum left on the counter "whats up" ashley asked " i tottally forgot that my mum had news for me and eva" owwww "i'm gonna call her be right back"

(m= mum, l = laura)

 M: hey laura.                                                                                                                                             L: hey mum sorry i forgot that you had something to say to me and eva                                                    M: ohyeah well eva already knows, but me and your dad are going on a holiday for seven months          L: wait what seven months so i have to babysit eva for seven freaking months!!!                                        M: no she is staying with a friend                                                                                                                  L: okay so what about me??                                                                                                                        M: well your 18 so you can choose by yourself well have to go the flight is here                                        L: wait your leaving like right now??                                                                                                            M: yes i wanted to tell you sooner but you weren't home                                                                              L:  you could atleast call??!!! you know what nevermind have fun on your trip bye

i hung up and walked back ashley was smiling and everyone looked at me "wel my parents are away for seven months" i said and they all looked at eachother and looked back at me when i sat dopwn next to harry and looked confused at every one "what are you smiling at?" i asked, "wel laura, ashley already knows and agreed, so we wanted to ask you to go with us on tour" harry said i was suprised to hear that "but what about sleeping on the bus and does paul aprove and how about when your on tage and... i was stopped by a hand on my mouth and looked at harry and he winked. "we asked paul and he is okay with it and we have ten beds in the bus so there is enough space" liam explaint i tought abouth it and it was a pretty good idea to go away from everything here "okay i'm in" they all cheered "okay when do we leave?"i asked "we leave tonight" "okay me and ashley have to go then we still have to pack or stuff" i said when i stood up and everyone jumped up "we are going to help so who is the worse at packing stuff of you two??"liam asked us, ashley pointed at me and everyone chuckeld at the speed of ashley to piont at me " well then me,louis and harry go with laura and zayn and louis go with ashley"liam said and we all nodded and headed out



(A/N. hey guys i'm so sorry for not uptading for so long i was just so busy but i have vacation now so i'm gonna try to put more on now hope you like this one love you xx)

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