how it all started

my name is Laura and I'm 20 years old I live in the Netherlands
I have one younger sister she's a big one direction fan and she drag me to a one direction concert so read more to find out.......


11. chapter 10

laura p.o.v 

i was in the van with niall,harry, ashley, louis and elaenor. louis was just like he always was not that i know because i'm not a fan but ashley said it so i guess it's true annyway we drove to a restaurant that's called15 it's a jamie oliver restaurant i already been there once so i tought it would be good.

we were driving when the script came on and me and ashley looked at each other and when it started we're screaming allong, when it was done everybody started to laugh at us and ashley laughed allong and then i started to laugh also, 'well that was interesting' harry said between his laughs i shuggred 'i love the script and i wanted to go to a concert but i couldn't because the day after the concert for the script i have an other concert so my mom and dad tought it wasn't the best idea to do that so i didn't go ' i told them 'what concert did you went then' niall asked 'i went to asking alexandria thats a metal band so i dont know if you guys know them' i told them they shook ther heads no. we arrived at 15 and we got out when the other van arrived with liam,sophia,zayn and perrie, we went inside and then a waitress came 'hello welcome to 15 did you have a ressavation?' (don't know how to spell that i'm dutch so i'm still learning my english) 'yeah i had one under laura table for ten' i said 'right this way please' she said with a really fake smile that said 'i dont like you bitch but i have to be nice or else i lose my job' yeah i know i'm good anyway.. went over to the table 'can i order any drinks' she asked 'god i don't like her at all' i tought 'i will have a beer please'i said as the rest already orderd ókay your drinks are on the way'she said and walked away, i rolled my eyes and looked at the menu when she came back with the drinks she leaned over the table so you could she her bra i looked at the boys and they looked really akward and i had to hold my laughter but a chuckel exaped my mouth and she shot me a death glare i looked away so she couldn't see my face because then i would blow up, she walked away and i couldn't hold it anymore just like the other girls the boys chuckeld at us and when we died down the waitress came back to order our meals everyone orderd when it was my turn 'i'll have the kataifi and a dutch salad please' i said she looked at me and said 'are you sure you want the kataifi and a salad and not just a salad?' i looked shocked that she just said that 'yes i'm sure i want both and do you really need a bra because i think you don't need one' i said with sas in my voice and i saw ashley trying to hold her laughter and everyone looked at me like i was crazy 'you should wish you never said that to ME' she said to me 'owh well sorry you started with your stuff really you think i care about what you say of my body i'm proud that i can eat everything i want without thinking that i have to trow it out of my stomach so i'm skinny' i said ack and she walked away. ashley couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing and highfived me with our weird highfive 'wait what just happend??' zayn asked still shocked 'well that in a nice way girl said something about me and i said things back  and i think when my food come's i get it all over me because that's what happens all the time so i'm going to put something over the dress i'm back in a sec' i said and walked away with my purse and put the plasticback that looks like there's nothing over it on and walked back 'you didn't put anything over it' liam said 'oh yes i did i always have a sort of plastic bag with me in case this happens and it looks like there is nothing over it so she does it just look here ut comes' she came over and put everything nicely down and then she let my food slip out of her hand and it went all over me i first looked shocked like i didn't espect it but then smirkt just one seconf and i walked away to the toilets she smirkt at me and i walke dpast her and wisperd 'you wish you never did that' and walked away i walked to the ladies bathroom and got out of the bag thing and walked bag she looked shocked that my dress was still clean walked the table and sat down again 'and now i want another katafi and this time plaese on the table instead of my dress' i said and she walked away and came back and put it infront of me she walked away again and we started to eat when we were done we left and i wanted ice cream and me and ashley yelled 'LETS GO WITH THE TRAIN TO OUR CITY SO WE CAN EAT ICE CREAM THERE' 'why there and not here' 'because there is the best ice cream shop ever' i said and we went to the train station and went with the train when we arrived we went to the ice cream shop and got our ice cream and went back to the hotel were stayed up all night (see what i did there..).


A/N: hey guys i'm so sorry i didn't updated in a long time but i had it really busy with school and other stuff  so i couldn't go online but now it's here and i'm gonna try to update soon love you guys xxxx lautje

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