Back for you

I met him at my height school the boy with brown curly hair and green eyes , then i fall in love with him , but he was travelling so he left and come after 7 months but there were a surprise


6. where are we going??


Harry's             P.O.V

i went to the room and saw Ree laying on the floor and her phine beside her all i did trying to wake her and carried her bridal style to the bed and set next to her

after maybe an hour i got a text from her mom saying that her dad died then she started to open her eyes

"hey" i said and give her a smile trying not to make her remember that her dad died 


"Harry?" she said and i feel that she will start to cry

"yeah" i said and i can see that tears started to fall from her eyes

"did he died" she said and started to cry more harder and harder

"yeah" i said but it was hard for this thing to tell someone that his dad has died "your mom told me that the you go somewhere to relax and i will come with you"

"why?? i want to stay here" she said and i told her that she should do this cause she so tired and want to relax and she nodded

"good night" i said and went back to my room

----------------------------------After 2 days----------------------------

Riham's                 P.O.V

"Harry?" i asked ....... we were in our way to the where ever he is taking me to relax ...... Perrie , Zayn , Niall , Holy , Louis , Eleanor , Liam and Sophia were coming with us 

"yeah?" he said keeping his eyes on the road 

"where are taking me?" i asked about me cause i think the other know where we are going

"no its a surprise" he said and i turned around to face Liam , Sophia and Niall

"guys can you tell me where are we going?? please" i said hoping that they will tell me 

"No we won't tell you" Liam said with a smirk then i turned my face to Sophia

"come on Sophia you are my friend and i know that you will tell me" i said giving her a smile

"Really i dont know they dont want to tell me to" she said smiling back to me 

"How ?? No, of course you know" i said where are we going ?? i really want to know

"actually we didnt tell any one of the girls for two reasons First: cause they were gonna tell you Second : we want to make it surprise to them too" Niall said

 i rolled my eyes and turned back yo face the road again Zayn , Perrie , Holy , Louis and Eleanor maybe if Zayn was here he was gonna tell me 

"What are you thinking about?'' he said looking at me and then again to the road 

"about how i am gonna make you all pay because you dont wanna tell me where are we going" i chuckled and then they all started to laugh 

i took my phone out of my pocket and started to text the girls

From Ree:

Hey perrie i wanna do something and you girls must help at it

:To Perrie

and also i write the same to Sophia , Holy , and Eleanor and they all agreed about it

after a long journey to what ever this place we final arrived "Harry are you kidding me what are we going to do her ?? " i asked confused 

"we will relax this is all" he said and i rolled my eyes



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