Back for you

I met him at my height school the boy with brown curly hair and green eyes , then i fall in love with him , but he was travelling so he left and come after 7 months but there were a surprise


2. The night club

Riham's                  P.O.V

when i arrived home  i went to watched T.V , check my e-mails and then sit in my room ........ while i was sitting in my room my phone rang oh that's was Zayn

Me: Hi Zaynie ..

Zayn: Hi Ree.... whats upp ?

Me: Good and you??

Zayn : nice me and the boys are going to go to the night tonight...... do you want to come ???

Me : yeah sure when ??

Zayn : at 9:00 i will come to you 

Me : Ok fine 

we ended the call it was 8:00 i went to take a shower when i finished it was 8:30 i went to dress and this was my outfit 

ohh .... its 9:00 i took my phone and called Zayn 

Me : Hey Zaynie i am ready 

Zayn : and i am waiting 

i took my bag and went downstairs "Hey Zayn " i said "oh hey beauty " he answered " thanx " i blushed and then i went to the car 

Zayn's               P.O.V

we arrived to the night club there was alot of noise and the music was to loud "oh.. isnt that boy is Harry the new boy at school " Riham said "ohh yeah we asked him if he want to come and he agreed " i said " sweet ... lets go " she said and i nodded 

Perrie , Shopia and Eleanor was there to they were sitting with the boys "hi all " me and Riham said then we sit i sat beside Perrie and Riham sat between Harry and Liam we drunk some wine and then i took Perrie to dance , Louis took Eleanor , Liam took Sophia and Harry took Riham but we cant find Niall we looked around to find him with a girl she is with us at the school

i think her name is Holly when we finished we went to sit but Niall was still dancing with Holly after 15 minutes Niall come to us with Holly "hey guys she is Holly from our school " we welcomed her and told them to sit they just nodded

and sit and then Harry told " we are at the weekend do you want to come tomorrow to my beach house " and the we all agreed 

Riham's                   P.O.V 

i excused them to go cause i am tired and harry asked me if he can drive me home and i agreed he is so handsome i think i like him but i dont know why?? he is sweet .................

when we arrived " i am gonna come to you tomorrow at 8:00 to go to my house beach " he said "ok see you tomorrow " 

when i wake up i went to take a shower and get dressed 


What is going to happen there ???

read to know  :D :D :D

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