Back for you

I met him at my height school the boy with brown curly hair and green eyes , then i fall in love with him , but he was travelling so he left and come after 7 months but there were a surprise


3. The Beach

that's my outfit to the beach

oh perfect its 8:00 and i am ready my phone rang oh thats Harry

Me : Hey Hazza 

Harry : i am waiting down Ree 

Me: ok i am coming 

I took my bag and went downstairs "you look amazing " he said and i blushed then i went to the car we get 20 minutes to arrive there now it's 8:25 and they havent arrive yet me and Harry was talking about ourselves he is sweet i think i like him !!! i mean i dont know he is sweet and if i like or love him i think he doesnt like me 

Harry's                   P.O.V

she is looking sexy today she is amazing and cute i have got a feeling for her but i dont know about her feeling about me i hope she has the same feeling for me

oh its 8:45 the bell oh they have arrived "ohh why are you late ??" Riham asked "nothing we woke up late" Zayn answered 

" ohh you are all lazy " Riham said and we all laughed then we went to swim but Riham and Zayn were sitting

" lets go to swim baby " i told Riham "no way i dont know how to swim" she said " i will teach you" i said " maybe next time " she said and close her eyes.....

Riham's            P.O.V

i closed my eyes to relax but suddenly Harry carried me "are you carzy?...... what are you doing ?  " i asked him trying to make him left me .....

" Nothing .... maybe going to the see " he said with smirk on his face 

"oh my god no please ....... dont do it" i said "make me " he said and ran into the sea i started screaming and shouted at him "left me now i am not kidding"

he left me in the sea i am not a good  swimmer then i ran and hugged him cause i dont want to die at the see ..

our faces was soo close i was staring at his eyes and he was doing the same and suddenly i felt a lips kissing me and kissed him back 

why do i kiss him back?? ...... why dont i pushed him away ?? ........ oh my god i think he had the same feeling and he loved
him his kiss is amazing we kissed for maybe 5 minutes 

"now can you please take me out of the see" i asked and he agreed when we went out off the sea they were all changed their clothes 

me and Harry went to change our cloth then we went downstairs 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------what is going to happened ??????

Read to know 


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