Back for you

I met him at my height school the boy with brown curly hair and green eyes , then i fall in love with him , but he was travelling so he left and come after 7 months but there were a surprise


4. My dad accident

......................Before we went downstairs.......... 


Riham's P.O.V 

"Harry?" i asked him with alot of thinking running in my head about what happened when we were at the sea "can we just talk for a minutes about what happened " 


"yeah! sure" he said while smiling, what i was thinking about that maybe what i am going to tell him will make he get mad or angry of me , i really was afraid but i dont have any choice


 "look , Harry i am really sorry about what i am going to say but we must forget about our kiss at the sea cause i have a boyfriend" i was saying that and it was so hard for me to say that cause my boyfriend didnt care about me


 "fine and i have a girlfriend too"he said and walked away i really cant feel better i dont know why?? well i will try to excuse them to went to sleep 


well i did it last night and went to sleep i woke up and found a text from someone well it from Chris who was my boyfriend he was travelling and he text me to tell me that he will be back tomorrow i am really cant understand why?? he is telling me i think he only need me for benefits


 i went down and saw Harry sitting alone"Hey" i said know that he is sad about yesterday

 "hello" he said and made me sign to sit and i did we was sitting silence but suddenly he broke the silence saying " where is your boy friend? "


 "he is traveling and he is going to come tomorrow " i said and then i changed the subject by asking him "why didnt you sleep"


 "nothing only cant sleep" he said and then they all woke up and we had alot of fun

 ....................After one Year..................... 


it has been one year me and Harry become a Best Friends and i bought a car from the money that i received from my high school 


 Mum and dad has arrived home so asked me if i want to live with him cause really i don't want to stay with them cause they dont even care about and i left my boyfriend 

Every thing until one day me and harry were sitting on the couch until my phone rang thats was mum i talked to her but it is not a good call cause before the call i started crying so much like i cant hold my breath


 "Ree whart happened?" harry asked and i looked at him really it was something bad 

"D-dad" i said while crying it was to hard to me to hold my breath from crying

 "what happened to him ??" he asked and his face started getting sad 

"h-he had a-an a- c-car accident " i said and started crying harder 

i know i said that they dont care about me but really i love him ...... i mean he is my own dad i dont know how not to love him no one can hate his dad then fast i told him the name of the hospital that dad was at and he took my car keys cause he havn't bought a car all the way i was crying cant imagine that my dad will die 


when i went to the hospital mum was sitting on a chair in front of the surgery room "where is dad ??" i asked with alot of tears falling from my eyes cant control them "he is at the surgery room from three eyes " she said i really dont want to talk with her my relationship with dad was better than mine with mum


 after 2 other outs from waiting out side the doctor come out "How is dad" i raned at the doctor and asked him as i started to cry harder "dont worry he is fine but he needs to relax " the doctor said as i calm down "can i see him ?" i asked "yes but after he goes to his room" the doctor said "so when " i asked hoping this will be today but the doctor said maybe tomorrow

when i went out from the hospital i went to..................


Hope you like it guys ;)

Love Ya <3 

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