Back for you

I met him at my height school the boy with brown curly hair and green eyes , then i fall in love with him , but he was travelling so he left and come after 7 months but there were a surprise


1. Meet the boy

Riham's      P.O.V



 i was setting in the class feeling bored from the lessons and suddenly the teacher come in with handsome boy has brown curly hair and green eyes the teacher said "that 's Harry the new boy in school " we all welcomed her and then he come and set beside me i was really happy.


 " hi, i am Riham and my friends called me Ree" i said " hi , and i am harry" he answered " i can show you the school at the lunch time if you want " i asked " yes of course i would like you to show me " but suddenly the teacher told us to stop talking we just nodded 

Then suddenly someone through a paper on my disk i took the paper to see what in it . It was from Harry he draw the teacher with very funny way i started laughing with a loud voice the teacher come and took the paper from me and told us to get out the class we just nodded and get out the class 

when we went out we were laughing so hard and then  i took his hand and run.......................


Harry's       P.O.V

she took my hands and run i smiled and said " you are crazy" she smiled and said " i know that i am crazy and i like it " and then suddenly we fall down . we start laugh "ohh it's the lunch time , let's go " i nodded and said lets go 


when we went there we set to have lunch "where are you from " she asked "i am from London but i am going to live her" then she smiled and said " sweet , we must go yo the class now"


we didnt talk on the class and after the school i told he that we can walk to her home togther

then we arrived her home " bye see you tomorrow " she said and then i walked away while i was walking i met four boys they are with me at the school one of them has black hair with hazel eyes , anther has brown hair and brown eyes , and anther has blue eyes and the last has brown hair and green,blue yes "Hi, i am Zayn " the one with hazel eyes said " i am Liam " the one with brown eyes said "i am Niall" the one with blue eyes said "and i am Louis the one with green,blue eyes said 

"hi guys and i am Harry " i answered then Niall asked "isnt you the new boy in our school " i said "yeah that's me " then Zayn said " sweet maybe we will be friends " then i told them that i hope this 

then Liam said "we are going to go out tonight . Do you want to come? '' i answered  "yes of course , i should go now bye guys see you tonight" they just nodded and then i walked awy.........


what is going to happened ? what does the boys are going to do this night? read the next chapter to know





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