Back for you

I met him at my height school the boy with brown curly hair and green eyes , then i fall in love with him , but he was travelling so he left and come after 7 months but there were a surprise


5. He is gone

i went to a place dad used to take me when i was getting upset when i was young it was like a secret place between two of us only two of us 

all what was there was a tree but i can swear that this tree have the best moment i have ever lived it with my dad it was like this 

until now if i get upset i goes to this place i was going there alone but the day that went to the hospital Harry come with me there i only let him come with me that was because i trust him he was mi best friend 

we were sitting at silence until Harry decided to speak "are you okay?"

i dont want to look at him because i was crying and dont want any one to see me crying i dont like people see me weak but Harry was anther one so i looked at him and my eyes were puffy red from crying 

"i really just cant imagine that my dad , maybe will die its to hard ...... i mean

you cant be very happy to lose your own dad" i said and then Harry come closer to me and wrapped his arm around i put my eyes on his shirt and started crying "dont cry everything will be okay"he said and i nodded and after 10 minutes i fall asleep in his arm ..............


i woke up to find myself in someone's arms i looked up to see Harry i was thinking that he was sleeping but then he looked down at me "good morning " i said with my soft voice

"Good morning do you feel better now?" he asked and nodded then we said that we must go home cause i want to change my clothes and then go to the hospital 

when we arrived home i went to take a fast shower and then i went to dress this was my outfit for today

this notebook is my diaries i like to write every thing happened to me 

we went to the hospital and thank god dad woke up i ran to him and hugged him i dont care if i was upset from him or no but really i need this hug i mean he havent hugged me since i was 10 years old and now i am 18 so i was trying to feel like i have a dad and have someone to love me "i love you dad" i said as tears start falling from my eyes

"i love you too" he said and hugged me back then mum told us to leave cause we need to sleep of course i was need to sleep , sleeping under a tree is hard 

we went home all the day i was writing what happened to me in my diaries but suddenly my phone rang it was mum "what are you saying thats not true please say that not true , isnt it??" i said to her while tears started fall from my eyes "y-yes , i-it i-is" she said while crying

then i fell on the ground ..............


hope you like it guys :)


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