False Hope

school, one of the worst places in the world. I guess you could say im the schools punching bag. No one knows my story, and hopefully no one will. But what happens when someone follows her, hears the discriminating words she calls her self, and falls in love with her.


2. Chapter 2.

I didn't get to wash my hair as we didn't have enough money to pay the water bill, so I just went down stairs. I don't know why I even have this stupid smile on my face, my mum isn't even here anyway, I guess it's to convince myself. False hope. I skipped on breakfast like I usually do, and walked out the door slipping of my only pair of shoes and picking up my bag. I like my shoes, even though they're pretty worn. they are a pair of black surpras. My mum had a big tip once and brought me them as a gift. I do love them.

I walked to school as usual and caught the bus half way. I sit at the back listening to my music when little me by Little Mix came on. Oh how I wish wish I could tell myself those things and believe them but that's never going to happen. It was followed by One Direction strong. Oh how I love them so much I know they'll never know I exist or that I breath or live on this earth. Why would they ever want to know a pathetic waste of space like me! Let alone love me! I was woken from my thoughts by someone elbowing me in the back of the head. I turned round to see Mia with a smirk on her face "oops sorry" she said in a bitchy tone. I turned back around and tried to ignore her "eww look at her hair it's disgusting!" Livv pointed out. Not the first time I heard that. "didn't she wear those horrible clothes yesterday?!" Mia said loudly, clearly wanting me to hear "better yet didn't she wear those clothes all last week as well" she snickered. I looked down at my hands and realized that I forgot my jacket. "fuck!" I said louder than hoped "what's wrong? realized that you look like road kill!" Mia said. I ignored her insult and hugged my arms close to my body. You may think i'm over reacting, but no one knows and i would like to keep it that way. This school is full of assholes that would jump at the chance of taking the piss out of you. Making your life a living hell until you literally killed yourself! No one cares unless you're pretty or dead.

I got off the bus and just stood there not looking forward to the so called place of 'happiness and learning', the only thing I've learnt is that i'm worthless and a freak. And well it's no happy place.

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