False Hope

school, one of the worst places in the world. I guess you could say im the schools punching bag. No one knows my story, and hopefully no one will. But what happens when someone follows her, hears the discriminating words she calls her self, and falls in love with her.


1. Chapter 1.

School, one of the worst fucking places to ever have been made! My names Harriett, I have long blonde hair and ice blue eyes. I guess you could say i'm the schools punching bag. You get all sorts of people in school. The populars who everyone loves and then you get the wannabees, the people who to be the populars or at least be friends with them or hook up with them. You get the geeks, nerds and unpopular. The talented lot, the ones who can sing and dance and can draw an amazing piece of art just out of the blue. And then there's me. I'm not even classed as unpopular. I'm lower than that, i guess im a no body. I looked over at the clock 8:05, even though there no point in even trying, I went over to my wardrobe, I got out a pair of tan skinny jeans and a baggy white tee shirt. I brushed my hair and didn't bother with and make up. No one noticed anyway. I grabbed my bag from the corner of my room before opening the door with a fake smile placed on my face.

My mum is one of the loveliest people you could ever meet, but she's always away on business. She has no idea whats going on and I never intend on telling her. I know that's horrible lying to your mum, telling her everything's fine when its clearly not. I always wear a jumper when i'm in the house. If it's warm then i wear a long sleeve tee shirt. I don't really like to wear shorts, unless i'm wearing tights, I think you can guess why...I know it's wrong and i shouldn't do it but i have no one else to turn to but the blade. My mum is always away on business because we're quite poor. That's her way of earning money. She has about three jobs but they don't pay much, the only one that pays a descent amount is that she's an air hostess, always going from country to country, leaving me behind. I guess that's part of why i'm bullied. Actually to be honest i don't even know myself. My father died when I was two, so I don't remember him at all really, I only know him by photos. Many people say i was a rape baby, that my mum got raped and that's how I was conceived. Others say she's a prostitute, and forgot to use protection, that's what they say when shes away. Even her own so called "friends" say it, they say that's how she gets money, going off shagging men for money then bringing it back and buying food for us. They look at her like she's a piece of dirt, they look at me the same. 

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