Reflections (Naruto FanFiction)

Team 7 came back to find Sakura is a top ANBU Captain and goes on a assassination with her as Captain. She was then put into a situation where she was captured by Itachi Uchiha. The only thing she remembered before giving in to the darkness around her were the words, "Join us, willingly or if necessary, force which is going to be your worst nightmare." [Requested by Animelover280 on Wattpad]


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Sakura stood motionless as the remaining members of team 7 walk in. They greeted her the same way they used to with a, "Hn." from the remaining survivor of the Uchiha clan. "Hello Hag, miss me?" from the ex-root ANBU with his fake smile. And "Sakura-chan!" from the copy-nin and the kyuubi's mouths.

Letting them take in her appearance, she replied in a monotone, "Hatake-san, Uzumaki-san, Sai-san, welcome back. And you, Uchiha-san, welome to you too. Not sure what you're doing here though. Obviously Konoha was too weak for your tastes." 

Sasuke and the boys have never looked so shell shocked. As well as Tsunade at her attitude to her former teammate and crush.

Coughing into her fist, Tsunade gathered them in front of her desk. She began briefing their missions. "You guys are to head to Suna and find a man called Kenji Hitero and his team. They are extremely strong. He has been causing some problem with our allies and we have been asked to assassinate him. You are to head out tomorrow morning at dawn. You will be put in a cell of six for this-"

"Who's the sixth member? Why do we need so many people in this mission anyways? And who will be leading the mission?" interrupted Naruto. His curiosity reaching it's peak.

"It'll obviously be Kakashi-sensei dobe. Who else?" Sasuke scoffed, oblivious to how Sakura's fist tightened with every word.

Tsunade, who noticed her students slowing rising temper, which was unusual since she always kept her emotions in check. But obviously seeing her friends again has caused a crack in the wall she built around herself and her heart. Deciding to save the unfortuante brats, she concluded, "The sixth member would be Yamato. He has already been given the information and would meet you tomorrow by the gates. This is a high ranked mission because this guy you are going to assassinate is apparently associated with the Akatsuki somehow."

Stopping, she looked at each of her ninjas in the eye. 'I hope they won't blow a casket when I say this. And by they, I mean Naruto.' Taking in a deep breath, she spoke softly, "Sakura will be leading this mission with Hatake as the co-leader."

"WHAT!" shouted Naruto and Sasuke in sync. Normally, you couldn't tell if Kakashi was surprised or not but this time you could notice that his single eye widening considerably.. Sai only smiled his fake smile at this information.

"What? Is it so hard to take this information in?" Sakura smirked at them.

Before any of them could say anything else, Tsunade cut in, saying, "You can have your little reunion later. Now get ready for your mission tomorrow. You'll need it. Now since these three and the Uchiha brat would need a place to stay, you are to let them rest in your house for the night." Just when Sakura was about to reply, she began talking again. "As well as it would be easier for you to watch the Uchiha brat to make sure he doesn't set foot on Konoha without an ANBU by his side at all times. NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" roared Tsunade, pulling out another bottle of sake from her secret stash.

Exiting the hokage tower. Sakura led them to her appartment. No one uttered a single word on the way. Even Naruto, which was surprisingly unusual. Unlocking the door to her apartment, she led them to their rooms.

"You will stay in this guest room which consists of two double beds and several bedrolls under the bed. Make yourself comfortable." Sakura informed flatly before heading to her own room to get ready.

The others stared at her, wondering why she stopped suddenly. "And do not touch anything else that you won't need." she said threatenly earning gulps and a hesitant yes from Naruto before leaving them to theirselves.

Seating themselves on the bed and the chairs in the room, they started to discuss about being back in konoha. Mainly about Sakura.

"Ne, Sakura-chan sure changed alot eh?" Naruto sighed sadly. They all nodded in agreement.

"I know. I can't believe hag leading the mission."

"She can't be that strong. I bet she's still that weak little girl that needs our protection." said Sasuke smugly with a smirk on his face.

"Now Sasuke, I'm sure Sakuras grown considerably-"

"Oh are you sure about that Sasuke-kun?"


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