Reflections (Naruto FanFiction)

Team 7 came back to find Sakura is a top ANBU Captain and goes on a assassination with her as Captain. She was then put into a situation where she was captured by Itachi Uchiha. The only thing she remembered before giving in to the darkness around her were the words, "Join us, willingly or if necessary, force which is going to be your worst nightmare." [Requested by Animelover280 on Wattpad]


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

"I'm sorry Sakura."

There was nothing but silence and the inhale and exhales of breaths. The tension was thick, no one dared to say a thing, no one dared to break it, no one dared to look directly at Sakura's or Kakashi's eyes. Finally Sakura made a move.

Laughing a cold, devoid of emotion laugh which sent cold shivers through everone's spines. Lifting her icy green eyes to Kakashi's lone obsidian one, she said harshly,

"Well its a bit too late for that now isn't it? Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi tried, "Saku-"

"You think a 'sorry' could change what had already happend?" Sakura continued, cutting off his word, "You think a 'sorry could erase all the pain you've forced upon me for the last 4 years? Dry up all the tears I've shed for you. For Naruto. For Sai? You think a 'sorry' could heal all the scars on my body from all the training I did just to get your recognition? You think a 'sorry' could heal my shattered heart especially after all the hurtful, stupid," rage could be heard as she emphasized the word 'stupid', "excuses you made up?"

"I-I..." Kakashi stuttered.

Before Sakura could speak another word, Sai changed the subject. "So Hag, you haven't answered Dickless's question. Why did every refer to you has Sama?"

Sakura and Naruto turned to stare at Sai, both adoring a frown on their faces. 'Emotionless bastard.' thought Naruto angrily. Sakura, who surprisingly answered, "Find out yourselves. I am in no mood to continue this pointless discussion anymore."

With that she left the room once again.

Sighing Naruto plopped down onto the bed. "I still can't believe Sakura-chan changed so much. She's nothing like we remembered."

"I know Naruto. I know." Kakashi replied walking sadly out the door.


'Why did they have to come back? Just when I'm starting to settle down into my new life style as ANBU.' Sakura thought as she walked through the city of Suna.

'You always knew they were going to come back. You just chose to deny it.' Inner Sakura said factually.

'Hn. Better check out our surroundings. You can never be too careful.' Sakura said mentally to her inner self.

'Ah. Even if we've been here for at least 1 year and a half in the last 4 years.' Inner Sakura agreed.

Walking down the street she was greeted with bows and murmurs of 'Sakura-sama'. Her mind quickly flashed to her teammate's questions and her past times in Suna.



They lied on the soft sand panting. She turned to the man beside her who had his arms behind head, jade eyes gazing up at the sun. "Thanks again for training me Gaara-sama-sensei." She said with a giggle.

Gaara turned to her, lips in a small frown which quickly became a shy smile once hearing her giggle. "Its ok. It's the least I could do for you after saving my brother's and my life. And how many times do I have to tell you to call 'Gaara'? Just Gaara."

"Many." Was his response quickly followed by another giggle.

A comfortable silence followed quickly as the sun began to set into the horizon.

"Well, I better get back to my room. I need to get up pretty early to train the medics tomorrow. Goodbye Ga-"

"Wait." He said voice colder than he intended. "Wait." He repeated softly. Sakura's eyes softened knowing he's still trying to change from what he was before. "I-I uh...Would you like to have lunch with me? Tomorrow?" He asked diverting his eyes from hers, a cute blush on his cheeks.

"S-sure. Where?" Sakura answered quietly after getting over her shock of the Kazekage asking her to lunch.

"I'll be waiting for you outside the hospital after you shift which ends at 12.00 am I correct?"

"Yeah." Sakura murmured still red in the face. "So like a date?"

"Like a date." He confirmed.


"Gaara-kun! What are you doing here?" A cheery voice asked.

"I'm waiting for Sakura Matsuri." He askered coolly.

"For what?" Matsuri asked less happily now.

"A date." A new voice replied.

"Sakura." Gaara and Matsuri greeted though Matsuri said more forcefully.

"Come one. Goodbye Matsuri." Gaara grabbed Sakura's hand and walked away leaving a saddened Matsuri to stare at their disappearing backs.


"Thanks for the lunch Gaara. It was nice." Sakura said as she walked out of the tempura restaurant with Gaara beside her hand in pockets.

"Ah. Would you like to do this again sometime? Possibly..." He trailed off.

"Ok." Sakura answered with a smile.

He smiled a genuine smile.


12 months passed by pretty quickly Sakura noted. She's going back home tomorrow. Today would be her last day in Suna, with Gaara. She and Gaara had been going out for almost 11 months now. A blush brushed her cheeks as Gaara's face flashed in her mind. Speaking of said man, a knock was heard on her door.

"Oh hi Gaara-kun! What are you doing here? With Matsuri?" she asked.

"I..." He got on one knee and took out a small black box. He opened it. Sakura gasped. It had the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen. A green emerald with small glitering diamonds surrounding it. Simple and not too overdone. "Will you marry me Haruno Sakura?"


A/N-Phew finally done. Here's a little for Gasaku lovers. Sorry for updating it late guys. My laptop just wasn't working at all yesterday and this morning. I couldn't log on google, youtube, anyting! Is youtube working for you guys right now? It's not for me.

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