Isn't She Lovely

Hayden Horan is the sixteen year old daughter of Niall and Allison Horan. They live in Texas, USA. But what happens when they go to the birthday of a family friend and what happens when they stay a little longer than expected.


8. Chapter 8

I took a sharp breath as I realised how close we were. Ashton stared at me, taking in my facial features. His eyes soon found their way to my eyes and I tried my hardest to look away. I failed miserably though. So as my eyes met his again my mouth slightly parted and I tried to say something. Say anything. 

But nothing came out

Ashton smiled weakly, not taking his eyes off of mine. He slowly leaned in, but stopped as if asking me if he could kiss me. I took a shaky breath before slightly nodding and another weak smile flashed across his face before he conected our lips. Soon enough our lips started to move in sync slowly until I slightly smiled and the both of us pulled back. Ashton helped me up and I blushed slightly. "I really, really like you Hayden." He told me. I looked down at my feet while smiling. "I'm eight years younger than you..." I said and he let out a low chuckle. I felt his hand cup my cheek, causing me to look up at him. "I don't care." He said flashing me a smile before conecting our lips sweetly. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" The both of us pulled back at the loud voice of my dad and glanced over at Ashton who's face was pale and eyes were wide while his mouth slightly parted. He looked horrified and I can guaranty I didn't look any better. Dad punched Ashton multiple times in the face, the loud sound of his hand coming in contact with Ashton's face the scarriest sound I've ever heard. I started to hypervantilate when dad also kicked him a few times. Harry soon entered the room and his eyes went wide at the sight. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He yelled and dad stood up to face him. I only now noticed how Ashton was coughing up blood and emediatly shot over to his side. "You should be asking him that." My dad snapped nodding his head towards Ashton and turning to look at us. "We h-have to take h-him to a h-hospital." I stuttered hystarically and Harry nodded in agreement. It took alot of strength to get Ashton to Harry's car. "You're not going with them." After an argument Harry walked up to me. "I'll take you tonight." He whispered softly and I nodded slowly before making my wat into my dad's car.

As soon as the stupid car came to a stop I got out, I was still crying and hypervantilating. I ran through the house and into the backyard, sitting down under a big oak tree. My mom soon came out and ran over to me. "Sweety, what's wrong?" She asked. "G-g-go aw-way." I said shakingly and she looked at me with pitty. "I said go away!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and soon Luke came outside. "Go away." I chanted over and over. "Allison. I'll talk to her. Just go inside." He told my mom and she hesitantly nodded before making her way inside. 

"First of all. You really gotta stop that." Luke spoke sitting down next to me and pointing at my wrists. I shifted uncomfortably and he just flashed me a weak smile. "So what's wrong?" Luke asked carefully while putting a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Ashton." I managed to whisper and he gave me a confused look. "What's up with Ashton, love?" He asked now sounding worried. "Hospital." I whispered and a look of panick overtook his face. "Why is he in there?" Luke asked, trying to stay calm. "Dad..." I whispered painfully and soon both my mom and dad walked towards us. Mom trying to stop dad though. I shot Luke a look as if begging him to stop them and he stood up. "She doesn't want to see you right now." Luke sounded awfully cold to dad but I honestly couldn't care less. "Niall. Just give her time." Mom whispered and dad let out a loud and frustrated groan before storming back inside.

When I had finally calmed down Luke turned to look at me. "What happened to Ashton?" He asked slowly. "Dad beat him up. Harry took him to the hospital. I couldn't come. He was coughing up blood and I honestly don't know what's going on right now." I said tears streaming down my cheeks again. "I'm taking you to the hospital." Luke stated. "But- dad-" Luke shook his head laughing. "Ashton has always liked you most out of all the kids and you seem to like him too so I'm taking you to see how he is." Luke informed and I slowly nodded before being pulled into the house since we had to go through the house to get to his car. "Where are you two going?" Dad asked. "To see Ashton in the hospital." Luke said through gritted teeth, not stopping and continueing to make his way to the car. "Luke?" I asked as he sat in the drivers seat and he nodded. "Thank you." He flashed me a smile as a response and started the engine, making his way over to the hospital.

As we entered the hospital I noticed Harry in the waiting room and as soon as he saw me he walked over to us. "How is he?" I asked and Harry was just about to answer when the doctor walked up to us. "Mister Styles. You can go see him now." The doctor spoke and Harry nodded. "Can we go in too, or..." I trailed off. "I guess the three of you could enter at the same time but if you notice anything such as shaky breaths or shaking hands two of you have to leave the room." We nodded and Harry lead us to the room Ashton was in. 

Ashton sat up slowly once he saw us get in and grabbed my hand as soon as I was close enough. He pulled me closer cupped my cheek so that I had to bend down. He kissed my lips sweetly and smiled weakly afterwards. "That explains alot." I heard Luke whisper to Harry but I ignored it and hugged Ashton. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "It's my fault baby. It's fine." He whispered back.

It's fine. The words repeated in my head but as soon as his lips came in contact with my jawline and I thought about my parents, I realised.

It's not going to be fine.

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