Isn't She Lovely

Hayden Horan is the sixteen year old daughter of Niall and Allison Horan. They live in Texas, USA. But what happens when they go to the birthday of a family friend and what happens when they stay a little longer than expected.


5. Chapter 4

After everyone had woken up in the morning we all realised that Ashton still wasn't home. Well not in the livingroom like the rest of us at least. "Maybe we should just check his room." Zayn said awkwardly and we all nodded before walking up the stairs. "I'm going to check if Vanessa is home yet." Zayn said before making his way towards the room. He groaned loudly before slamming the door. "She's not here. I swear to God I'm going to disown that child." He said and Claire scoffed at him and he just sighed. "She looked pretty close to Hayden last night... maybe she's in her room." I said and he sighed and nodded before me and Niall followed Zayn towards Hayden's room since we wanted to see if Vanessa was there too. Zayn opened the door and Niall tensed up emediatly. 

"What the fuck are you doing in my daughters room?!" Niall yelled and I turned a bit so that I could see what was happening. Everyone soon was behind us, and stared at the sight of Hayden cuddled up into Ashton's chest. Niall's screaming caused Ashton to sleepily open his eyes and as he tried to sit up Hayden groaned a little and gripped his shirt tighter. "What the fuck is wrong with you, Ashton?!" Niall yelled and everyone tried to calm him down. Hayden woke up and rubbed her tired eyes. "And why the fuck did you let him, Hayden?!" He yelled and after that continued to yell at Hayden while everyone tried to calm him down. Hayden started crying. "Why the fuck are you crying?!" Niall yelled causing more tears to roll down her already tear stained cheeks. "Because you're yelling at me! Because you're always yelling at me!" She yelled back through sobs and Ashton hugged her. "Baby calm down." He whispered and I think I'm the only one that heard. Her breathing came back to normal and she quietly sobbed into his chest, honestly breaking my heart. "Maybe you should go. She needs to calm down..." Ashton said calmly. "Don't fucking tell me what to do! Get out of my daughters room Ashton!" Niall yelled and Hayden sobbed a little louder. "Niall maybe he's right..." I said slowly. "He isn't 'maybe' right Allison. He is totally right." Zayn snapped causing everyone to grow silence since no one had heard him talking like this before. I slowly pulled Niall out of the room while everyone walked down stairs.

Everyone except for Harry.

Harry's POV

I softly pressed my ear against the door, listening to the sound of Hayden crying. A heart breaking sound may I ad. "Why does everyone hate me?" She asked and I felt my heart break into pieces. "Baby not everyone hates you..." Ashton whispered trying to calm her down. "Yes they do. Yesterday all the children made some girl punch me for no reason, because they hate me. At home in Texas I have no friends because everyone hates me and likes to make my life miserable and mom and dad don't even bother paying attention to me. If they finally look at me they always get mad and yell. And I just don't get why everyone hates me so much." She cried as her sobs became louder. Niall is going to die. I stormed down the stairs. Pulling Niall up from the couch and punching him square in the jaw.

Allison's POV

I gasped as Harry punched Niall in the face. "What is fucking wrong with you?!" He yelled at him. "How can you fucking treat your own daughter like that?!" He yelled and the only boy there was Zayn because the other lads were in at the stores. "Zayn do something!" Claire scoffed and Zayn shook his head. "No he deserves it." He said and Claire slapped the back of his head. I think I was the only one who noticed but all the children suddenly walked down the stairs, their eyes wide at the sight of Harry repeatedly punching Niall. "Did you not see how miserable Hayden was yesterday? They weren't even looking at her. They were to busy on their fucking phones to look up and see their own daughter was miserable and dressed like a slut which you could clearly see she wasn't comfortable with." He snapped and everyone fell silent. While Harry stopped punching him.

"She thinks everyone hates her." Harry whispered.

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