Isn't She Lovely

Hayden Horan is the sixteen year old daughter of Niall and Allison Horan. They live in Texas, USA. But what happens when they go to the birthday of a family friend and what happens when they stay a little longer than expected.


4. Chapter 3

"Hayden don't be such a fucking bore!" Hannah whined handing me back the cup of vodka. I slowly brought it to my lips, gulping it down. "Great." She smiled and dragged me to a room, grabbing a vodka bottle on her way. We've been here for about two hours and I feel completely drunk, walking is harder than it ever should for a fifteen year-old.  "We're here!" She yelled and I awkwardly shifted as I saw not only all of the kids but also random kids I don't know. Some eyed me hungrily which scared me since I'm fifteen and they were around eightteen years old. "We're playing truth or dare." Ashley shot me a sorry look, confusing me. "Hayden. Truth or dare?" 

The games were pretty normal. About three lapdances, ten make-out sessions and two strip teases it was my turn again. "D-dare." I slurred and Vanessa smirked. "I dare you to make out with Justin." She schreached and I awkwardly bend over to Justin who smashed his lips onto mine, making me feel uncomfortable. He kissed me roughly and pressed me against the floor. He gripped my bum, squeezing it lightly. "Stop." I mumbled. Soon Justin was pulled off of me and a blonde girl glared at me. "You fucking slut!" She yelled at me, slapping me across the face. Tears already stung my eyes. "How dare you kiss my boyfriend like that!" She yelled again, her hand once again coming in contact with my cheek. "Vanessa and the others were right! You're a whore and a nasty bitch and I get why no one fucking likes you!" She screamed and I looked at Vanessa who was smirking at me. I suddenly felt completely sober. Tears streamed down my cheeks. "Aww the slut is crying!" Vanessa yelled and I got up before running out of the room and down the stairs.

I ran out of the house and cried softly before taking out my phone. I decided to call the only person I could think off and after three rings he picked up. "What's wrong princess?" I sniffled again. "Uncle Ash... can you please come and pick me up?" I asked him. "Offcourse baby. Where are you exactly?" He asked and I told him the adress. "I'll be there in five minutes." He said before hanging up the phone. I sat down on the sidewalk as tears freely streamed down my cheeks.

Ashton hurried out of the car, running over to me as he hugged me tightly. "Baby what's wrong?" He whispered, kissing the top of my head. "C'mon let's get you home." He spoke and I sniffled, shaking my head no. "Please don't take me home." I cried out and he sighed, opening the car door for me. I got in and he jogged to the other side before driving off to... the beach. The beach flashed by and it really calmed me down. Suddenly we came to a stop and Ashton helped me out of the car before we both sat down in the soft sand as the waves crashed onto the beach. 

"Wanna tell me what happened?" Ash asked and I whiped my eyes before explaining to him in every detail what had happened. "Oh baby..." He whispered before bringing me into his chest and hugging me. "I don't know why they are acting like this. You are amazing. You're perfect in every single way. You're not a slut or a whore. Don't believe anything they say, alright?" He asked and I nodded. He pressed his soft lips against the top of my head, letting them stay there for about five seconds before disconecting them from my head. "Don't cry princess." He said whiping my eyes and I couldn't help but flash him a weak smile. "Are you ready to go home?" Ashton asked me softly and I slowly nodded. 

"Please don't let anyone see me like this..." I whispered with a sniffle and Ashton nodded. "I got you." He said and I smiled weakly as he opened and closed the front door. We walked through the hall and up the spiral stairs, helping me to my room. 

Once we were in my room Ashton was about to walk away. "Uncle Ash?" I whispered and he nodded. "Please stay with me." I sniffled and he nodded again. "Offcourse, princess." He said before closing the door behind him. "I'm going to change." I whispered as I grabbed random pyjama pants and a white tanktop. I slid them on and walked back out of the bathroom to see uncle Ash in his boxers and t-shirt which sounds weird but it's really not. I climbed into the bed as well as Ashton did as we just layed there, not touching. Just staring at the ceiling. "Ashton?" I whispered. "Yes princess?" He whispered back and a tear rolled down my cheek while I turned my head so that I could look at him while he did the same. "Why does everyone hate me so much?" I asked him, my voice cracking at the end. 
"Oh baby..." He whispered before wrapping his arms around me, hugging me closely. 

I softly cried into his chest until finally I fell asleep.

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